Appeared in Elektra
Status Deceased
Actor Colin Cunningham

McCabe was Eletkra Natchios' agent.



After Stick made her leave the Chaste, Elektra Natchios became a private assassin. McCabe is her negotiating agent, he receives the assignments and proposes them to the killer. Once Elektra has killed DeMarco, a bilionaire, McCabe informs her he has a new assignment for her: an anonymous, but paying, contact (in reality, Stick, who wanted to test his old disciple) wanted Elektra to kill Mark Miller and his daughter, two refugees, and, as a part of the contract, the killer will have to stay for some time at the same island the two have chosen to hide in.

McCabe has no more news of Elektra until she, along with Mark and Abby, come to his private house, escaping from The Hand. McCabe offers them refuge, but soon Kirigi finds them. While the ninjas attack the house, McCabe makes Elektra and her two protegees escape from the rear, while he tries to by some time with a shotgun. Unfortunately for him, the first one approaching the door is Stone, whose skin is impenetrable, and his efforts are soon proved to be useless. He's interrogated by Kirigi and his fellows, but, at his refusal to say anything, he's decapitated by the Hand ninja.

Character traits

Despite being a greedy and opportunistic man all of his life, McCabe proves to be a loyal friend and a courageous warrior too, trying to stand in front of Kirigi's team all by his own trying to save Elektra Natchios. He probably has some experience in gun-fighting.



Behind the scenes

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