Michael Morbius
Michael Morbius
Alias(es) Morbius the Living Vampire
Appeared in Blade
Status Alive
Actor Stephen Norrington

Michael Morbius, also known as Morbius the Living Vampire, is a human turned vampire.



In the alternate ending on the DVD, Michael Morbius is seen from afar by Karen Jenson, standing on a rooftop, watching Blade after his battle with Deacon Frost.

Character traits

Michael is a brilliant scientist, turned vampire after a lab incident occured during an experiment which was supposed to cure his blood illness. Michael posses all of the classical vampire powers, but he's not affected by sunlight, and he can fly using the wind streams. He hates his current status, and tries everything to cure himself.



Behind the scenes

  • Blade director Stephen Norrington appeared as Morbius in the alternate ending.
  • Morbius was supposed to appear as the main villain in Blade II, but Marvel didn't allow Guillermo del Toro to use the character.
  • It is assumed Morbius was vetoed due to him belonging to the Spider-Man copyright, though at the time of Blade 's release the first Spider-Man film had yet to begin production.


  • In the comics, Morbius is primarily a Spider-Man villain or ally, depending on the situation.
  • In the comics, Blade gained his superpowers just after being bitten by Morbius, while in the movie, he already possessed them.
  • In the comics, Morbius is one of Blade's teammates on the Midnight Sons, of which Johnny Blaze, Ghost Rider, is also a member.

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