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Mutant Registration Act is a legislative bills which, when passed into law, enforce the mandatory registration of superpowered individuals with the government made by Robert Kelly.


The Mutant Watch

The U.S. senate held a hearing on the Mutant Registration A͏c͏t.


Senator Robert Kelly introduced the idea of a Mutant Registration Act to the Senate.

It is the prospect of this proposed legislation that motivates Magneto in his schemes , as he sees it as persecutory towards mutants. He is eventually successful in replacing Kelly with Mystique, who impersonates the Senator and removes the Act from consideration.

X2: X-Men United

The Mutant Registration Act is briefly mentioned when Storm speculates that Nightcrawler's attack on the White House might lead the government to reintroduce the legislation.


  • In the comics, the bill was dubbed the Superhuman Registration Act and deemed all superhumans reveal their identity to the government.
  • A similar act was instated in the Marvel Cinematic Universe called the Sokovia Accords.