N'Jobu BP
Alias(es) Prince N'Jobu
Appeared in Black Panther
Status Deceased
Actor Sterling K. Brown
N'Jobu was the prince of Wakanda, the son of the late Azzuri, the younger brother of the late T'Chaka, the father of the late N'Jadaka, and the uncle of T'Challa and Shuri.


Black Panther

N'Jobu's death at the hands of his brother, T'Chaka; led to his son N'Jadaka, becoming a ruthless and vengeful individual.

Character traits

Unlike most Wakandans, N'Jobu was not a traditionalist at heart; which led him to question his home nation's isolationist policies, and later, when he fell in love with an american woman and fathered a son with her, named N'Jadaka.

Despite being a rogue and an extremist by nature, N'Jobu was also a compassionate individual who had a heart of gold, witnessing people of African and African-American descent being oppressed, whom he sees as his own people, not just the wakandans; led him to betray Wakanda, seeing as how he not only betray his nation to fund a war against the world at large, feeling that to be the only way to liberate people of African and African-American descent, but he also willing to eventually subdue all countries and rule as a benevolent dictator.

Due to his training as a War Dog, N'Jobu was cautious, to the point of being slow to trust others, but was willing to put his life on the line for individuals who he had indeed come to trust.

Ultimately, unlike his older brother, T'Chaka, N'Jobu never allowed his fear to cloud his judgment. Although he did not live live to see it, N'Jobu's dream of ending oppression for people of African descent came true; via his nephew, T'Challa who ended Wakanda's isolation from the rest of the world.


  • Expert Hand-To-Hand Combatant: Due to his training as a War Dog; N'Jobu was a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant.
  • Multilingual: As a native Wakandan, N'Jobu spoke Xhosa fluently, in addition to English.




Behind the scenes

To be added


  • Despite being a pure-blooded Wakandan; N'Jobu spoke with an American accent.
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