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Nick Manolis is a police captain for the NYPD.



Nick Manolis often followed cases related to Daredevil, but he mostly believed him to be an urban legend.

Eventually, he witnessed Daredevil's battle with Bullseye in a church. After gathering some of his men, Manolis ordered to shoot both of the fighters down, but thanks to Daredevil's senses, the police's bullets only pierced Bullseye's hands. After the battle, Manolis proceeded to arrest a severely injured Bullseye.

Character traits[]

Nick is one of the few police officers who is not on Wilson Fisk's paybook, an honest and severe cop who takes his job seriously and is moved by a sincere will for justice.



Behind the scenes[]

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  • In the comics, not only was Manolis perfectly aware of Daredevil's existence, but he was a confidant and a friend of him. He betrayed him working for Kingpin in order to pay for his sick son's cures, but redeemed himself after his son's death and was killed by a Kingpin's enforcer when he was about to tell his story to Ben Urich.
  • In the Director's cut, when Ben Urich informed Manolis of Kingpin's true identity, he had an agreement with Wesley Owen Welch, the boss' right hand man, who sold Fisk in exchange of immunity. Thanks to Welch's information, Manolis was able to arrest the Kingpin.