Nikolas Natchios
Appeared in Daredevil
Status Deceased
Actor Erick Avari
Kurt Max Runte
Nikolas Natchios was Elektra's father.



Nikolas was a powerful Greek businessman, and he has many criminals activities opened in USA. Tired by his criminal life, Natchios comes to New York with his daughter Elektra to settle everything down with his partner, Wilson Fisk, The Kingpin. Fisk doesn't accept happily his "dimissions", and decides to use him as a bait for the press, since Ben Urich has started to investigate on Kingpin. Scared by Fisk's menace, Natchios decides to flee back in Greece with his daughter, but both of them are attacked by the killer Bullseye, hired by Fisk for killing Natchios and making the press believe that he was actually the real Kingpin. Daredevil intervenes and try to save him, but fails, and Natchios was impaled by Bullseye with Daredevil's Billy Club.


Nikolas was seen in many flashbacks of Elektra's childhood. After Elektra's mother's killing by the minions of The Hand, who Natchios was involved with, he becomes very severe regarding his daughter, and assures she can defend herself from any attack. He starts to have her trained in many disciplines, and he pretends excellency from her in every one of them.

Character traits

Nikolas was a powerful and intelligent man, enough to survive in been partnered with dangerous criminals such as The Hand and The Kingpin. Deep inside, anyway, he's not a bad man, and loves his daughter enough to dismiss his criminal life for her.



Behind the scenes

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  • In the comics, his name is Hugo Natchios.
  • In the original comics, he was a Greek Ambassador that was killed before Matt became Daredevil and never actually met the Kingpin (though since Elektra attended the same school as Matt in the comics, a disguised Matt tried to save him from kidnappers, but a mistake caused Hugo to get shot by police by accident and he was killed).


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