Paul Budiansky
Paul Budiansky
Alias(es) Agent Budiansky
Appeared in Punisher: War Zone
Status Alive
Actor Colin Salmon
"Would you mind explaining to me, how a handcuffed criminal in custody escapes from your locked car?"
―Paul Budiansky[src]

Paul Budiansky is a supporting character of The Punisher and appeared in Punisher: War Zone.


Punisher: War Zone

Agent Paul Budiansky is a skilled FBI agent, partner of the undercover agent Mickey Donatelli. When the latter is killed during a mission by The Punisher, Budiansky promises to Angela, Donatelli's widow, to avenge Mickey's death. He starts a personal mission to arrest The Punisher and joins the NYPD for the purpose. Here, he's assigned to the "Punisher Task Force", formed by only one member: detective Martin Soap. Soap is in reality an ally of The Punisher, but agrees to give Budiansky all the files collected on the vigilante.

On their first hunt, Budiansky manages to arrest The Punisher, who tells him Billy Russoti is after Donatelli's family. Budiansky sends a patrol to check the house, but the two agents are killed before they can ask for help. Budiansky goes to Donatelli's place in search of the agents, and he's captured by Ink and Pittsy. The two mobsters are killed by The Punisher, freed by Soap, and Budiansky, after a gunfight, arrests Russotti and his brother Loony Bin Jim. The two, anyway, gain complete immunity from FBI in exchange of Cristu Bulat, a russian gangster who's selling biological weapons to Arabs. When the Russotti brothers kidnap Angela and her daughter and form an alliance of criminal gangs, Budiansky allies himself with The Punisher and Tiberiu Bulat, Cristu's father seeking revenge, and starts a massive attack to Jigsaw's base. After the battle, the Donatellis are freed and Budiansky takes them home, thanking The Punisher.

Character traits

Paul Budiansky is a honest agent, who deeply believes in justice and in law. He is a man of honor: tries to avenge his friend and colleague Mickey Donatelli when Frank Castle kills him, and stays close to Mickey's wife, Angela, for help. He often reacts with disgust to injustice and corruption, and blames the police for silently supporting the actions of The Punisher.

He's a very skilled and strong agent, able to match The Punisher in a close combat.


Behind the scenes

  • Agent Paul Budiansky first appeared in the comics in Garth Ennis' story arc Widowmaker.


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