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Pearl was an obese vampire at the service of Deacon Frost.



Pearl was an incredibly obese vampire, the archivist of the House of Erebus. He secretly helped Deacon Frost in translating the Lost Pages of Erebus, a prophecy regarding the return of La Magra, the Blood God of vampires. He lived alone in the archives, under the duty and care of Frost and his familiars. Location to the archives was a secret only known by Frost and his familiars, however, it was discovered later by Blade during an interrogation. The archives themselve were situated below one of Frost's clubs.

When Blade and Karen Jenson arrive at the archive, Pearl asks Frost for help, but he's abandoned to his destiny. Tortured with a UVA torch, Pearl tells the two hunters everything about Frost's plan and is told not to move. When grows frantic at Blade's actions, Karen blasts him with the UVA, saying "He moved". Whether this kills him outright or simply severely injures him is uncertain.

Character traits

Pearl was an intelligent and well learned vampire, the only one, apart Deacon Frost, able to translate the Pages of Erebus. Due to his enormous size and cowardly nature, he depended upon other vampires and their familiars for support.

He was supposed to have all of the canonical vampires' powers, but due to his incredibly large size - he was restricted to a sendentary life and uncapable of self-care or even self-locomotion.



Behind the scenes

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  • The director of the film stated the cause of Pearl's obese size was the creature gaining a cannibalistic lust for infants and children as he loves to eat their hearts.