Peter Parker
FFH Spider-Man 04
Alias(es) Spider-Man
Night Monkey
Iron Spider
Appeared in Iron Man 2
Captain America: Civil War
Spider-Man: Homecoming
Avengers: Infinity War
Avengers: Endgame
Spider-Man: Far From Home
Spider-Man: Homecoming 3
Status Alive
Actor Tom Holland
Max Favreau
"You can't be a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man if there's no neighborhood."
―Peter Parker to Tony Stark[src]

Peter Benjamin Parker is a teenager from Queens, New York. Endowed with spider like abilities, Parker is also the superhero known as Spider-Man. He was only an amateur superhero and internet sensation until Tony Stark, his idol, recruited him after the Sokovia Accords were passed.

Following the Avengers fight in Germany, Stark allowed Parker to keep the suit for his time as Spider-Man. Parker forged a reputation for himself in New York and became a well-known local hero. He later stumbled into a group of criminals led by Adrian Toomes, who were creating advanced weapons from stolen Chitauri technology, and went on a quest to defeat their leader in order to prove to Stark that he was worthy of being an Avenger. Only after defeating Toomes did Parker discover the true responsibilities of a hero, so he decided to decline Stark's offer of membership in the Avengers in order to continue helping the little guy however he could.

When Thanos and the Black Order attacked New York in search of the Time Stone, Parker helped Stark, Doctor Strange and Wong fend off the invaders. He and Stark stowed away aboard the Black Order's ship to rescue Strange from Ebony Maw and crashed the ship into the planet Titan. There, Parker and his allies joined forces with the Guardians of the Galaxy and battled Thanos only for the gargantuan despot to beat him and his allies into submission. Peter was one of the casualties of the Decimation.

Five years after the Decimation, the remaining Avengers used the Quantum Realm to time travel and collect the Infinity Stones to create their own Gauntlet and reverse the effects of Thanos' snap. Peter was restored into existence, having no memory of the five year time jump, and rejoined the battle until Thanos and his army were defeated by Stark, who sacrificed himself to defeat the Mad Titan.


Iron Man 2

Peter Parker was at the Stark Expo when the Hammer Drones attacked it. He stood up to a Hammer Drone when it recognized his toy Iron Man mask and began to target him. Iron Man flew by and destroyed the drone before he could hurt Peter and then told him he was doing a good job.

Captain America: Civil War

"When you can do the things that I can, but you don't, and then the bad things happen, they happen because of you."
―Peter Parker[src]
Peter got home from school to his apartment to see his Aunt May sitting down with Tony Stark, his biggest idol. Excited, Peter asked why he was there. Tony's cover story for Aunt May was a scholarship program, Peter was confused but played along. They later went into Peter's bedroom to talk privately to which Tony revealed he was really there to see Peter because he knew that he was Spider-Man.

Tony had a word with Peter and used F.R.I.D.A.Y. to show footage of Spider-Man from YouTube. Peter tried to tell him that it was fake and denied being Spider-Man, but Tony found his Spider-Man costume, he began making fun of the costume. After hearing about why Peter became Spider-Man and the life he lives, Tony offered for Peter to go to Germany with him, but he said he couldn't due to his homework. It was only when Tony jokingly threatened to tell Aunt May that Peter got worried and gave in, but used his Web Shooters to web Tony's hand to the door. He told him not to tell Aunt May that he was Spider-Man, to which Tony replied 'alright Spider-Man' before asking him to help remove the webbing.

At an airport in Leipzig, Germany, Tony as Iron Man and James Rhodes as War Machine, intercepted Captain America's team; Ant-Man, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Winter Soldier and Falcon. Peter wore an upgraded suit designed by Stark and, as Spider-Man, joined Vision, Black Widow and Black Panther to try and stop Cap. Spider-Man leapt into action on Iron Man's command and stole Cap's shield.

Spider-Man then went after Falcon and Bucky and managed to web the both of them up, until Falcon piloted his drone Redwing to throw Parker out of the window.

Ant-Man became Giant-Man, which surprised Spider-Man, he later remembered the movie "Empire Strikes Back" and helped defeat him by webbing up his legs. Iron-Man and War Machine took down Giant-Man by punching him in the face, but Spider-Man was hit by Giant-Man and sent into some crates.

Tony, grateful for Peter's help recommended that Peter go back home to Queens, threatening to call Aunt May if he didn't, Peter tried to convince Tony that he could keep fighting, thinking he disappointed him, but he eventually gave in.

Later, Peter nursed a black eye. Aunt May asked him who hurt him, and he said it was a guy named Steve, who was from Brooklyn and his 'big friend'. When she left his room, he tested his new Web-Shooters which then reflected a Spider-Signal onto his ceiling.

Spider-Man: Homecoming Prelude

In the streets of New York City a young man in a costume is swinging from a string of a web, passing by a out-of-control van who is about to hit a public bus. At this moment, Peter Parker prepared himself for; by designing a suit and by inventing the Web-Shooters. Along with his abilities, Parker is no longer able to wait around and do nothing anymore. As Spider-Man, Parker swings pass the out-of-control van and puts himself between the van and the public bus. When the van becomes in reach of Spider-Man, he simply catches the car and lifts it up, so it comes to a full halt. After checking if everybody in the car is alive and well, he uses his Web-Shooters to leave the scene. While swinging away content from his successful rescue he reminds himself that as of now he missed his bus.

A month later, Parker is packing up his suit into a backpack. About to leave, he finds his aunt May Parker sitting in front of the television, who looks deeply worried. The news anchor reports of a U.N. building in Vienna, that got bombed during the summit of the Sokovia Accords. With at least twelve dead, including Wakanda's King T'Chaka, officials have released a video of a suspect of whom they identify as the Winter Soldier. Parker joins his aunt on the couch and tells her not to worry.

Back in New York City, Parker arrives home and finds Tony Stark talking with his aunt. Stark explains that he is here for the September Foundation, where Parker supposedly applied for. But when alone with Parker in his room, Stark reveals his real intentions by showing footage of Spider-Man catching a car. Stark tells him that Parker's suit needs a upgrade and that they're going to Germany, telling aunt May that they are going on a 'field trip'.

Iron Man, War Machine, Black Panther, and Black Widow are all facing against Captain America at the International Airport in Leipzig. Captain America tries to explain that Helmut Zemo was behind the bombing and not the Winter Soldier. But Iron Man runs out of patience and shouts out 'underoos'. This is Spider-Man's cue to use his web to steal Captain America's Shield.

Impressed by his own skills, Spider-Man feels he should say something smart to let the rest know that he can handle the pressure. Instead he makes a awkward comment about his landing, immediately regretting it, he tries to recover with yet another awkward comment. Again regretting his remark, he tells himself to stop talking.

A fight emerges and Spider-Man goes after the Winter Soldier and Falcon. He webs them up and heads out to help the others. During the fighting, he eventually has a one-on-one fight with Captain America. He finds it hard to believe that he is actually winning, until Captain America gets the upper hand, which he finds easier to believe. With Giant-Man used as a diversion, Captain America heads for a Quinjet. Although successful in stopping Giant-Man, Spider-Man gets a smack from Giant-Man's hand. Due to the big hit, Spider-Man is done fighting.

Stark sends Spider-Man home, but not before giving him new Web-Shooters. When trying them on in his room, he discovers that the Web-Shooters can also sends a light-signal in the form of a web with Spider-Man's eyes.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

"Aunt May cannot know. I mean, she's been through enough, and if she knew that this is what I do, who I really am, it'd kill her. I can't do that to her."
―Peter Parker[src]
Peter Parker is recording a video log as he travels to Berlin with Happy Hogan for what is really Tony recruiting Peter to help him during the events of "Civil War". Happy shows off the new Spider-Man suit that Tony Stark made for him, which he gets super excited about. Peter later records his fight alongside Team Iron Man during the airport battle against Team Captain America. After the battle, Tony then brings Peter home to Queenss in his limo, leaving Peter eager for their next mission.

Few months later, Peter is still waiting to hear back from Happy over any new missions. He goes back to being a normal student at Midtown High School. Peter makes plans with his best friend Ned to build a Lego Death Star. Peter also has a crush on a senior named Liz Toomes and is frequently taunted by snotty rich kid Flash Thompson. When not at school, Peter continues going around the city as Spider-Man to help people as well as fight crime. Peter refers to his Spider-Man work as the Stark internship, and as a result, he quits his school's decathlon team. While at school, Peter secretly creates new Web Fluid for his Web-Shooters.

One night, Peter as Spider-Man catches four crooks with Avengers masks trying to rob a bank using high-tech equipment. Peter shows up and fights the criminals, until one of them uses a device that emits a powerful blast, blowing up not only the bank, but also the bodega across the street. He rushes over to save the owner of the bodega and his cat. After, Peter quietly returns to his room through his window while trying to not let Aunt May know that he was out. He crawls across the ceiling and comes down to find Ned Leeds sitting on his bed, holding the completed Lego Death Star. He drops it and it breaks upon Ned's discovery that Peter is Spider-Man. Ned is shocked but also thrilled. Peter forces him to keep it a secret. Peter later goes with May to dinner. May is trying to talk to a silent Peter, and Peter admits that he's been tired out from the "Stark Internship," with May admitting to not being a fan of Stark. They see footage of the bank robbery, and May warns Peter not to go anywhere near that type of chaos in the city.

The entire next day at school, Ned asks Peter questions about being Spider-Man. They even watch a PSA from Captain America during gym, and Peter briefly mentions fighting him. The boys then hear Liz talking to her friends about how she's got kind of a crush on Spider-Man, leading Ned to blurt out in front of everyone that Peter knows Spider-Man. Liz then invites Peter and Ned to a party at her house so that Peter can try to invite Spider-Man.

The boys attend the party, and almost instantly, Ned tries to get Peter to change into his Spider-Man outfit. Peter doesn't want to until Flash starts pestering him. He goes to change, but then sees an explosion in the distance. He goes to investigate and finds Brice and Schultz selling Chitauri tech to a local gangster named Aaron Davis. Peter's cell goes off when Ned tries to call him, making Brice and Schultz think Aaron was setting them up. Peter intervenes and tries to fight the crooks. He chases them until Vulture swoops down and grabs Peter. He drops him into the river as he gets tangled in his parachute. Iron Man then comes down and saves Peter, finding out where he was because of a tracker in his suit. Tony is not in the suit as he is basically calling Peter, but he tells him to stay away from fighting dangerous criminals for his own good. Peter considers returning to the party, but Ned has him hear on the phone that Flash has everyone mocking Peter. He then finds a weapon that one of the crooks left behind. The next at school, with Ned's help, Peter cracks open the weapon to find a power core. He finds Schultz again and places a tracker on him, discovering that he is going to Maryland. To get there, Peter rejoins the decathlon team as they head to D.C. for the Nationals competition. Peter sneaks out and goes to find Schultz as Spider-Man. He catches the villains attempting to hijack a Damage Control truck with more weaponry inside. During his attempt to foil the villains, Peter is knocked unconscious and wakes up in a Damage Control warehouse, unable to leave because the door is sealed until the morning. Peter talks to the A.I. system in his suit, whom he name Karen. She helps Peter get a better understanding of how his suit works. He even tells her about his feelings for Liz. He also learns that the power core is basically a bomb that will go off when exposed to radiation. When he realizes he is about to miss the competition, Peter has Karen help him unlock the doors as he rushes to the competition

Peter misses the whole competition, but the team wins thanks to the help of reserved loner Michelle Jones. The team then heads over to the Washington Monument. He calls Ned to warn him about the power core that he was holding, but is unable to get the message through. As Spider, he rushes to the Monument, but the core goes off in Ned's backpack as the team is riding up the elevator. Spidey climbs up the Monument to save the team, but he can't get in through the window without using great force. The police arrive in choppers and order Peter to get to the ground. Against their orders, Peter leaps over the choppers and swings from the bottom. He breaks in and tries to hold the falling elevator with his web, but the weight pulls him down. He is able to hold the web and the elevator as everyone inside climbs out. Liz is the last person and nearly falls with the elevator but he catches her with the web saving her.

Back in New York, Karen reveals that the Spider-Man suit records everything that Peter has seen. She gets a visual on Aaron, and Peter later finds him in a parking garage. He attempts to interrogate him to find out why he was trying to get the tech from Vulture's goons. Aaron says he was trying to get them out of his neighborhood. He figures that Spider-Man is new to being a hero. Aaron tells Peter that the Vulture and his men are meeting to gather more tech at the Staten Island Ferry later that afternoon.

Peter gets a call from Tony, but he lies about what he's up to. he spots Schultz on the ferry but sees Adrian Toomes and doesn't realize he is Vulture. He swings in and incapacitates Mac Gargan and his goons. Toomes tries to use a weapon on Spider-Man, but he holds it down with his webbing. This backfires since the weapon becomes unstable and splits the ferry in half. Peter then tries to hold the ferry together with his webbing, but it's not strong enough and it continues to split. As Spider-Man holds on as much as he can, Iron Man and his little drones show up to put the ferry back together and save everyone.

Both Peter and Tony retreats to a rooftop. Tony chews Peter out for not listening to him and lying to him about what he's doing with the suit. Peter then attempts to put the blame on Tony for what happened with the ferry for not listening to him about the Vulture, but Tony steps out of his suit this time and reveals that he DID in fact listen to Peter, as he sent the FBI on the same ferry that Toomes was on. He goes on to remind Peter that, while nobody got harmed, if somebody did, it would've been on Peter. Feeling that he's unworthy of it, Tony demands that Peter give him back the Spider-Man suit. Peter pleads with Tony, saying that he's nothing without the suit, to which Tony says that if he's nothing without the suit then he shouldn't have it. Peter goes home to Aunt May dejectedly. She gets on him for not answering his phone all day, even going to the police to find out where he was. She also knows about him skipping detention at school earlier that day, that he missed out on the Decathlon competition in Washington, and he sneaks out out of the house every night. Demanding an explanation, he admits to getting fired from the Stark Internship.

Peter resumes his life as a student and spends more time with Ned. Peter finds Liz at school and admits to liking her, which she already knew. He then asks her to the homecoming dance, which she accepts.

On the night of the dance, Peter goes to pick up Liz, only to learn that her father is none other than Adrian Toomes. After some awkward photos, Toomes drives Peter and Liz to the dance. As Liz tells Adrian about Peter's background and the events at Washington, he slowly starts putting together the pieces of Peter's circumstances and realizes that he's Spider-Man. Liz leaves the car, and Toomes quietly threatens Peter by telling him to stay out of his business or else he will kill him and anyone he cares about. During the dance, Peter learns that Toomes plans to steal a shipment of weaponry from a plane coming from the Avengers Tower heading to their new headquarters. Peter ditches Liz and rushes to get his old Spider-Man suit to stop Toomes. He heads outside and is attacked by Schultz with his gauntlets. Peter tries to reach his web shooter, but Schultz continues to pummel him. He is saved by Ned, and Peter sticks Schultz to a bus with the webbing.

Peter rushes to stop Toomes with Ned being his eyes and ears. Ned tries to get in touch with Happy, but he hangs up on him. Peter finds Toomes in his lair. Toomes attempts to reason with Peter that he's only doing what he believes is necessary and that the world isn't as black and white as the young Peter believes it to be, but it turns out to be a distraction as Toomes unleashes his suit as it flies around the area, destroying support beams and causing a pile of debris to fall on him. Toomes leaves him to die. Peter struggles to lift the rubble off of him and he fears he is going to die. He then remembers Tony's words and uses all his strength to pull himself out.

Peter latches onto Vulture's suit as he intercepts the plane. Toomes tries to gather what he needs, but Peter foils his plan. Toomes gets in his suit and fights Spider-Man on the plane. They knock out the turbines, sending the plane toward Coney Island. Peter is able to maneuver the plane away from the city and onto the beach as it crash-lands. Toomes attempts to get away with the weaponry, but Peter tries to warn him that they are about to explode. Toomes tries flying away anyway, but the cores blow up and he goes crashing down. Peter finds Toomes and saves him, but he leaves him next to the rest of the weaponry for Happy and the police to find later, leading to Toomes getting arrested.

At school, Peter finds out that Liz is moving to Oregon with her mother while her father is on trial. She is still upset with Peter for leaving her at the dance. She says goodbye to Peter and hopes that he can figure himself out. Peter is back on the decathlon team, and Michelle is made captain. She quickly mentions that her nickname is "MJ". Peter then gets a text to go to the bathroom. Happy is there, thanking Peter for what he did. He then tells Peter that Tony wants to see him.

Happy brings Peter to the New Avengers Facility. Tony presents Peter with a brand new Spider-Man suit, telling him that there are reporters behind the wall waiting for a big announcement, meaning Tony is about to officially make Peter a new Avenger. However, Peter turns Tony down, saying he prefers to be a "Friendly neighborhood Spider-Man" for now. Peter leaves, and asks Tony if he was testing him and whether or not he passed, and Tony seemingly confirms it adding that there are no reporters. However, Tony is actually surprised that Peter made the mature choice of turning him down, and that there really were a bunch of reporters outside. Pepper Potts comes out, asking where Peter is. She is frustrated that he walked out, so Happy covers for them by giving Tony a ring so he can propose to Pepper.

When Peter gets home, he finds a bag from Tony on his bed. He has given Peter back his Spider-Man suit. Peter then proudly puts it on, not realizing Aunt May is behind him.

Avengers: Infinity War

During his bus trip to MoMA, Parker had sensed something from the outside window, having this feeling with his arm hairs rising up and noticing it as a warning of what is coming to him. Parker looks over the window and spotted the appearance of an alien warship hovering over New York City. Parker coincidentally looked at the warship as a big of a threat that he must then take into consideration as soon as possible.

Looking around the bus and deciding to investigate, Parker quickly asked Ned Leeds to create a distraction for him. Leeds looked at the warship over Parker’s window and proceeded to swear and scream for his life as all the other students look over their windows to see at what was going on. While all of the students were distracted, Parker had equipped his Web-Shooters and used the ensuing commotion to open through an emergency escape hatch onto one of the windows and go onto the side of a bus. Parker proceeded to equip his Spider-Man Suit to conceal his identity and swung off the bridge to head to the conflict and figure out what was actually going on in the city.

Quickly swinging by into Greenwich Village, Spider-Man managed to arrive in time to assist Iron Man as he held up against Cull Obsidian’s hammer and greeted him with a tone of an uplifting remark. Spider-Man proceeded to greet Iron Man again but was questioned about where he came from. Spider-Man told Iron Man that he was at a field trip to MOMA and as he was talking to Iron Man, Obsidian grabs Spider-Man and threw him across the field.

As Iron Man continued to fight, Spider-Man got up from the ground and joined him in battle, questioning him about what's the person's problem, Iron Man responded by telling him that the guy is from space and wants a necklace from a wizard. As he leaped onto Obsidian, Spider-Man was caught by his hammer and was thrown again. Iron Man and Spider-Man tried to fight against Obsidian, but suffered from some trouble subduing him. Interrupted, Spider-Man noticed Ebony Maw levitating across the city with Doctor Strange. After Iron Man told him to save Doctor Strange, Spider-Man pursued towards Maw, web swinging across the city, but was hurt by Maw’s use of his power by telekinetically using a billboard to throw at him. Spider-Man quickly recovered and followed Maw, managing to shoot his web and pulled Strange from the air, swinging away from Maw before he could catch him.

Swinging around the city with an unconscious Doctor Strange, Spider-Man had pulled away when the Q-Ship uses its gravitational pull. Spider-Man uses his best effort to rescue the sorcerer by using a lamp post to hold on and uses his strength to stay put. Spider-Man was cut off-guard when Ebony Maw telekinetically pulls him away from the lamp post and was subsequently pulled toward the alien warship. Spider-Man was unable to retrieve Strange and calls upon Iron Man that he was getting himself in a difficult situation. Spider-Man was stuck at the warship and managed to crawl up at the side of the ring.

After finishing his battle, Iron Man managed to locate the Q-Ship and fly towards the sky, contacting Spider-Man to stay put and deploys the Item 17A from the New Avengers Facility. Beginning to run out of oxygen, Spider-Man removed his mask as he unable to breathe as much as he can. Spider-Man told Iron Man that he must save the wizard as he was told by him, but Iron Man retorted his statement that he won't be able to breathe as the ship moved upward.

As he exhaustively starts to pass out, Spider-Man was nearly suffocated as the ship left Earth's atmosphere and fell off the ship as he couldn’t breathe anymore. Falling down, Spider-Man was rescued by the intervention of Iron Man, who summoned the Iron Spider Armor. As the suit manifested around him with nanotech particles, Spider-Man swiftly recovered with an acrobatic landing and was able to breathe and contact Iron Man, telling him that his new suit smelled like a new car.

As Iron Man flies above him, Spider-Man was taken away as he was told, letting F.R.I.D.A.Y. quickly deploy his parachute from the back. Spider-Man angrily shouted as the parachute takes him away from the ship. Spider-Man webbed at the side of the Q-Ship and intensely hold onto it. Spider-Man then attached himself to the wall of the ship and entered inside of a vault. As the vault closes, Spider-Man contemplates whether he should have stayed on the bus.

As the Q-Ship makes its way to the planet of Titan, Spider-Man spotted Iron Man and the Cloak of Levitation at the rendezvous point of the ship. Iron Man was quickly startled as Parker unmasked himself and tried to calm him down knowing what he was going to say. Stark was furious with Parker for following him through the ship.

Retracting his statement, Parker stated that it was a long way down from home and his suit was incredibly intuitive. Putting in technical terms, Parker told that was mostly Stark’s fault for letting him on the ship. Stark angrily asked him to retract his statement which Parker took back what he said. Parker had to tell him that he should stay with him but Stark had to tell him that he needs to think his situation, to which Parker retracted, saying he did think his plan through.

Trying to be reasonable, Parker told Stark that you can’t be a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man if there's no neighborhood. As Stark was stunned by his logic, Parker realizes his analogy didn’t make sense but immediately tried to convince Stark to stay with him. After Stark agreed, Spider-Man walked over the edge and was asked to make himself useful and decided on how to rescue Doctor Strange below. After a moment of thinking, Parker came up with a strategy to save Strange, that was inspired by the movie Aliens.

Once Strange was further tortured, Spider-Man waited as Stark quietly went behind Ebony Maw to distract and surprise him, destroying the hull of the ship that can suck into the vacuum of space, leaving Maw to be subsequently killed. Noticing Strange being pulled away, Spider-Man narrowly managed to shoot a web at Strange and reached over a pole, aggressively hanging onto it. However, once the pole broke off, Spider-Man quickly fell down towards the hole.

Suddenly, Spider-Man unexpectedly activated his new suits’ spider legs and managed to hang off from the hole on the ship. Spider-Man happily saved Strange from near death. As he was hanging on, Spider-Man looked at his newfound spider legs in question. Spider-Man pulled Strange inside the ship, jumping upward with his spider legs, long enough for Iron Man to seal it. After reviving the sorcerer, Parker gave greeting to the Cloak of Levitation with a handshake to which it goes away, leaving Parker to sarcastically leave it be.

Strange argued with Stark for nearly putting his life at risk. As they argued Stark contracted that he saved him in a ship with no backup, Parker then recalled himself to be back up. Stark disagreed and told him that he was a stowaway. Strange wondered if Parker was Stark's ward, but Parker clarified that he wasn't, and introduced himself to Doctor Strange, who returned the gesture; however, Parker mistook Strange's proper title for his superhero name.

Slowly walking towards the ship and listening to the conversation, Parker watched as Stark and Strange discussed and argued about how to confront their enemy, Thanos. After debating on what they should take into consideration, Strange reluctantly agreed to help confront Thanos. As Stark walked in front of him, Parker was formally knighted by him and was officially declared as a member of the Avengers, much to his delight.

Arriving at their destination, Parker assisted Tony Stark with steering the Q-Ship with an arm piece and attempted to safely land on Titan. Parker tried to turn the ship around from deserted buildings but ended up crashing into them. Doctor Strange protected Parker and Stark from crash-landing the ship, by shielding them through holographic Mandalas.

After crash-landing, Strange and Stark survive the impact, as they began to prepare themselves from certain noises that were on the broken ship. Parker appears upside down and asked them if there was something that could implant eggs in his chest, he apologizes. Stark angrily comments to him to never say anything pop culture related, but Parker was stating that something is coming towards them.

As Parker, Strange, and Stark were attacked by a new group of arrivals, a bomb was detonated in front of them and moved out of the way. As Spider-Man was woken up from the ground, he was startled by Mantis and webs her up from the fear of her planting eggs in him. Spider-Man tries to get away but was attacked by Star-Lord. Dodging away, Spider-Man avoided the many lasers that were shot at by Star-Lord's Quad Blasters and attempted to attack him with his spider legs but was subdued by the electrical bolas that vigorously shocked him.

As the brief scuffle ended at a stalemate, Spider-Man was held at gunpoint by Star-Lord. Iron Man captured and pinned down Drax the Destroyer after. Star-Lord threatened to kill Spider-Man. Star-Lord then asked Stark about his missing teammate, Gamora was, to which Stark replied with a question that confused him and asks who are the people he was attacking. Parker answered his question by saying that they were the Avengers. Eventually, both parties learned that they are both after Thanos and an alliance was formed between them.

Leaving the ruined ship, Star-Lord measures the planet they are on by telling the gravitational pull is off its axis. As Stark tried to come up with a plan to stop Thanos, Drax yawned at the middle of the plan. Star-Lord explained that listening isn’t what they do and Parker questions what exactly do the rest of the Guardians do. Mantis explains what they do in a comprehensive statement to which both Parker and Stark were completely dumbfounded.

Stark tells Star-Lord to get his team together and as they were trying to come up a plan Star-Lord wanted to come up with a different plan to which Drax brought up the time he saved the galaxy with a dance-off. Parker wondered if it was like the movie Footloose and Star-Lord was thoroughly happy to say that it was. Star-Lord asked Parker if the film was the greatest movie back on Earth but told that it never was.

As Stark and Star-Lord started to bicker, Mantis told Stark if Strange was doing something odd. Strange meditated with the Time Stone to find a way for them to win; revealing to Stark that despite the extreme amount of ways they lose, there was a single future in which they were successful in the fight against the Mad Titan. Eventually, Thanos arrived on the planet which was revealed to be his homeworld.

As Spider-Man and the rest of his allies sneaked up on Thanos, a fierce battle ensued, as Spider-Man launched webbing into Thanos's eyes and then striking him in the face. Doctor Strange covered Thanos' hand with the Cloak of Levitation and used his Eldritch Magic to open portals for Spider-Man to attack him repeatedly: However, Thanos quickly immobilized Spider-Man and angered by the provocations, threw him at Strange. Swinging by, Spider-Man would then cover Thanos' fist with webs, but was quickly subdued.

After Spider-Man and alongside his allies were finally able to subdue the Mad Titan, Iron Man told him to help remove the Infinity Gauntlet away from Thanos. While Thanos was pinned down, the alliance nearly succeeded until Star-Lord's outrage against him was then shown by the reveal of Gamora's death. Once Star-Lord attacked Thanos and ruined Mantis' control, Spider-Man almost pulled the Gauntlet out of his hand while Stark was trying calm Star-Lord down.

When Thanos was under his control and pulled Gauntlet away, throwing Mantis away from him, Spider-Man noticed her being flung across and saved her. Thanos then proceeded to attack the rest of the alliance by throwing debris from a moon, crashing it towards Titan. Spider-Man swung around the fallen meteors from the moon while holding onto Mantis, avoiding the many fiery ballistic inbound, random debris, and massive pillars that were floating in any possible direction.

Swinging onto a still pillar, Spider-Man managed to web up Mantis to safety and swiftly saved the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy members, as they were falling uncontrollably, webbing across there locality and attach them up to a cliff. As he was talking, Spider-Man became flustered with himself that he couldn’t remember any of the Guardians' names. After almost killing Stark and Strange, Thanos succeeded in taking the Time Stone and teleported to Earth.

On Titan, Parker and the remaining members of the Guardians of the Galaxy had finally recovered from their attack with Thanos. Parker then arrived in the area where Doctor Strange and Tony Stark had suffered from their battle. Standing over Stark, Parker helped him by lifting him so that he could stand up on his feet after he suffered from his injuries in a gruesome duel with the Mad Titan.

Once Thanos completed the Infinity Gauntlet and snapped his fingers, Parker watched his allies on Titan disintegrate into ashes, firstly appointing towards the Guardians of the Galaxy members. Talking to Stark, Strange spoke on behalf of him, saying there was no other way that he could have ultimately saved the universe. Starting to feel weaker, Parker spoke to Stark, as he turned around to see what had happened.

Walking slowly, Parker muttered Stark's surname and said that he didn’t feel so good and realized that he was almost fading away. Terrified, Parker did not understand what was happening and clutched onto Stark. Parker was sadly tearing up and told Stark that he didn't want to die. Visibly shocked, Stark stayed by Parker’s side but was helpless as Parker muttered one final apology before crumbling into dust.

Avengers: Endgame

After Bruce Banner uses the Infinity Stones to restore everyone killed by Thanos, Peter Parker was resurrected and arrives at the battlefield through one of Stephen Strange's portals in the Iron Spider suit. As the battle raged, Peter teams up with Scott Lang to save Tony Stark from Cull Obsidian. An excited Peter explains that he had awakened on Titan and was confused until Strange arrived and said he needed Peter's help. Happy to see Peter whose death had hit him hard, Tony gives the teenager a hug which Peter returns. During the battle, Peter teams up with Tony and Pepper Potts against Thanos, but eventually loses the spider legs off the back of his suit. Needing to get the Nano Gauntlet to Scott Lang, Peter grabs it and travels across the battlefield with the help of Mjölnir, Pepper, and Valkyrie. Though Thanos got the Gauntlet, Tony was able to retrieve the Stones and use them to disintegrate Thanos and his army, leaving Tony mortally wounded. Peter joins James Rhodes and Pepper in comforting Tony as he dies.

After the battle, Peter attends Tony's funeral. He later returns to school and is reunited with Ned Leeds.

Spider-Man: Far From Home

At Midtown School of Science and Technology, Peter discussed with Ned Leeds his plan to win over MJ, on whom he had developed a crush. They were prepping for a class trip to Europe and Peter hoped that he would get the chance to tell her how he felt.

Later, Peter attended a fundraiser as Spider-Man, with May Parker there to support him. They were met by Happy Hogan, who handed over a cheque and flirted with May. He gave Peter a heads-up that Nick Fury was going to call him, which he does almost instantly, but Peter ignored him since he has other things to worry about. He returned outside as Spider-Man to talk to reporters, but they overwhelmed him with questions about becoming the new Iron Man or the next to lead the Avengers, so he left in a panic. The next day, the class went on the trip, with Peter choosing to leave his suit behind to enjoy his vacation, but he later found that May packed it for him anyway. They were chaperoned by Mr. Harrington and Mr. Dell, and are joined by other students, including Flash Thompson, who was still a big Spider-Man fan but also still dumped on Peter. On the plane, Peter tried to get Ned to help him switch seats so that he could sit with MJ, but Ned caused Mr. Harrington to take Peter while MJ was seated next to Brad Davis, who was one of the kids that didn’t get dusted and grew into a handsome athletic superstar. Peter was clearly jealous, while Ned sat next to Betty and they became a couple.

The class arrived in Venice, Italy for their first stop. They stayed in a crummy hotel, but took time to enjoy the sights, while Peter tried to get closer to MJ. Suddenly, the water levels on the ground started rising. Soon, a massive Water Elemental bega to wreak havoc upon the city, using water to flood the city or destroy buildings. Peter tried to do something about it, but he left his Spider-Man suit at the hotel. Quentin Beck arrives and used his powers to fight the Water Elemental. He was able to subdue the creature’s attacks before ultimately splitting the creature in two. He was seen as a hero by Peter’s classmates and after watching a news report on him, they start to call him “Mysterio”. After, Peter and Ned go back to their room, but Ned was tranquilized by Fury. He had been trying to get Peter’s attention and it hadn’t worked until now. They had to leave the room to talk in private since everyone kept interrupting them. Fury took Peter to his secret hideout to meet Maria Hill and Beck. Beck explained that he was from an alternate Earth, which was where the Elementals came from. This was supposedly caused by The Snap and Beck claimed that the Fire Elemental was the one that destroyed his home world and his family. Fury wanted Peter’s help in fighting back, but Peter felt that he wasn't qualified to fight beings like these.

Fury hijacked the class’ vacation by having his employee, Dmitri, act as a driver to their new and unexpected destination, Prague, as Fury and Beck have learned that’s where the Fire Elemental was set to strike. Before heading out, Peter was taken by the Seamstress, sent by Fury to give him a stealth suit. She ordered him to take off his clothes and put it on, but he was found by Brad, who took a photo of Peter in what looks like a compromising position. Peter ran after him to get rid of the picture, but Brad said he knew that Peter liked MJ too and he thought showing her the photo would make her lean more toward Brad. On their trip, Peter used Tony’s high-tech glasses, E.D.I.T.H. (“Even Dead, I’m The Hero”), to handle Brad, which was misinterpreted as a request for an attack. Peter had to somewhat discreetly stop the incoming drone from killing Brad, as well as the whole class. Then used E.D.I.T.H. to hack into Brad’s phone and delete the picture.

After arriving in Prague, Mr. Harrington told the students that they were given tickets to the opera, which ruined their plans to go to the carnival, but it was planned by Fury to keep Peter’s friends inside to avoid being caught in the path of the Fire Elemental. Peter was forced to stay outside and be on the lookout, which ruined his plan to sit next to MJ. She followed him outside and Ned and Betty followed since they thought the other two were headed for the carnival. Outside, the Fire Elemental emerged and began to rampage. Peter and Beck teamed up against the beast, trying to avoid letting it touch metal or else it would get more powerful. Ned and Betty were trapped on the Ferris wheel as Peter tried to save them and Beck fought the Fire Elemental. Peter fired a web at the beast, which pulled something out of it and made it land near a hidden MJ. Beck then used his powers to dive into the Fire Elemental’s chest and destroy it. Peter checked to make sure he was okay. However, he still got scolded by Fury for not doing what he told him to.

As the gang moved to Berlin, Peter and Beck were called by Fury and Maria to discuss forming a new team. Peter privately met with Beck and decided that Beck was the one that truly deserved E.D.I.T.H., since he thought Tony only left it for him to choose who was worthy of being the next Iron Man.

Peter went back to the hotel to invite MJ to go out with him. As he tried to tell her how he felt, she cut him off to reveal that she knew he was Spider-Man, due to the many “coincidences” involving them being in the same places at the same time. She pulled out what she found at the site of the Fire Elemental fight, a projector that showed Mysterio fighting the Air Elemental. The two realized that Beck was behind the Elementals and that he was a fraud. As Beck and his goons prepared for a combination of all the Elementals to be an Avengers level threat, they found that the missing projector from one of their drones was in Peter’s hands.

Peter went to tell Fury and Hill about Beck’s true motives, but Beck caught up to Peter first and created an entire illiusion to trap him in. He taunted Peter for not being the hero he wanted to be and even forced him to endure a projection of Tony bursting from his grave and coming out to terrorize him. It appeared as though Fury subdued Beck and asked Peter who else he told, to which Peter admitted that he told MJ and Ned and that Ned probably told Betty. This was another one of Beck’s illusions and he intended to kill Peter’s friends. He backed Peter into the path of a train, Peter doesn't die but was wounded and passed out on the train. Peter woke up in a jail cell in the Netherlands. After breaking out, he called Happy to come get him. While Happy tended to Peter's wounds, Peter broke down and said that he doesn’t get why Tony would pick him as a successor when he keeps screwing everything up. Happy reassured him that Tony believed in him for a reason and that he knew Peter would be the hero that the world needed. Peter created himself a new suit from Tony’s computer while they headed to London to rescue his friends.

The class was taking a tour bus ride around London, but it was driven by Guterman who was working with Mysterio. They stopped on the London Bridge as Mysterio prepared the Elemental to attack. Peter arrived in a new suit for battle and asked Happy to keep Ned, MJ, Betty and Flash safe, but his jet got blown up and they had to hide in the Tower of London as the drones chased after them. Peter entered the illusion of the Elemental and webbed all the drones together to get them to crash and break the illusion. He destroyed more and more drones before Mysterio had him cornered and facing a horde of drones directed at him while under an illusion. Using his "Peter Tingle", he dodged all the drones, destroyed them all and in the chaos, one of them shot Mysterio. Peter went to retrieve E.D.I.T.H., but Beck attempted one last illusion to kill him and it failed, leaving Beck to die in disgrace. Peter then disabled all the drones. Afterwards, Peter and MJ run onto Tower Bridge to meet with each other. They acknowledged their mutual feelings and kissed. Fury tried to meet with Peter again but Happy told him to leave the kid alone since he was with his new girlfriend.

The students return home. At home, Peter sat Happy and May down to discuss their apparently developing relationship, Happy thought they were an item but May claimed it was just a summer fling. Peter left them to discuss their situation and went to meet MJ for a date as Spider-Man. He took her for a swing around the city, although the heights freak her out. Peter dropped MJ off in the streets and went to leave. A breaking news broadcast was aired in the middle of the city featuring a video created by Mysterio before his death that had been sent to J. Jonah Jameson aired the video which claimed that Spider-Man orchestrated the drone attack in London and killed Mysterio. He then revealed that Spider-Man was Peter Parker to the whole city. Peter was horrified.

Spider-Man: Homecoming 3

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Character traits

Peter is a good-natured teenager with good intentions who uses his abilities to help people in need. In the battle between Tony Stark and Steven Rogers' factions, Peter showed a great deal of skill but obvious inexperience. Being one of the youngest super heroes in the MCU, Peter possesses a much more optimistic worldview than The Avengers. He has also accidentally revealed his secret identity as Spider-Man twice to both his best friend, Ned and his Aunt May. Peter loved making pop culture references to films, which have actually helped him make successful strategies in battle. Peter value the safety his friends and family above all else. Peter is also shown to crack a few jokes and have a little chat with his enemies.

Powers and Abilities


Spider-Man - Fights Swinging Compilation IMAX HD

Spider-Man - Fights Swinging Compilation IMAX HD


  • Spider Physiology: After being bitten by a genetically altered spider, Spider-Man possesses the proportionate powers of a spider; such as superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, agility, reflexes, and senses. He can cling to solid surfaces and has a "spider-sense", which alerts him to danger.
    • Superhuman Strength: Spider-Man possesses strength significantly greater than that of humans, enabling him to hold heavy objects and stand on his own battling other enhanced individuals. An internet video showed him catching and completely stopping the forward momentum of a 3,000 lb minivan moving at 40 mph while it was inches away from a moving bus. In Captain America: Civil War, not only was he able to catch a full force punch from the Winter Soldier's robotic arm with no signs of injury, he was also able to casually overpower him; however, it should be noted that Bucky was not using his biological arm in his confrontation against Spider-Man, considering the fact that he is a Super Soldier, it is very likely that he would be able to match, if not overpower Spider-Man if he had used his biological arm against the latter, he was also able to pull Captain America's shield out of his hands with his webbing while airborne. He was able to carry the weight of a collapsing jet bridge and was still able to support it for more than several seconds. However, in his direct confrontation against Captain America, Spider-Man was proven to be less powerful in terms of physical strength and fighting prowess, so Captain America was able to overpower him relatively easily. He was also able to break through a bulletproof glass window with only a few blows and was able to lift the considerable portion of a concrete roof that Vulture had collapsed on top of him; but he had to put a lot of effort into the latter.
    • Superhuman Speed: Spider-Man can move much than normal humans, with quick reflexes that help him in both hand-to-hand combat and shooting webs. During the events of Captain America: Civil War, he was able to catch up to both Falcon and Winter Soldier by web slinging.
    • Superhuman Stamina: With superhuman stamina, Spider-Man is able to exert himself much longer than normal humans, without tiring.
    • Superhuman Durability: Spider-Man is incredibly durable and physically resistant to injury than a normal human. After being hit by a crashed vehicle, he got up mere moments later and casually web swing as if nothing happened. He can hold his own in battle among'st other enhanced individuals. At the end of the battle, he only sustained a black eye from Giant-Man, even though he had been sent flying into a glass window by Falcon's Red Wing, struck with a Vibranium shield, and fall from several stories high. In Spider-Man: Homecoming, Spider-Man's durability was proven to be inferior compared to Captain America's; during his first confrontation with Vulture, there fight resulted in Spider-Man getting trapped inside the truck, he then accidentally knocked himself unconscious when he banged his head against the ceiling in his hasty attempt to escape, he was unconscious (presumably) for hours.
    • Superhuman Agility: Spider-Man possesses superhuman agility, able to do acrobatic stunts, air flipping, jumping and landing perfectly on the ground after web swinging.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Spider-Man's reaction time has significantly enhanced. He has the coordination to catch or dodge objects or individuals moving at high speeds even without looking.
    • Superhuman Senses: Spider-Man's senses are beyond that of normal humans, which made it hard to focus on one thing at a time stating that they had "dialed up to 11". Like his superhuman sight, which is the reason why he wore black goggles with slits on each lenses; likely because he does not have control over his senses yet. Tony Stark later made Peter's new suit with mechanized eyes to limit his senses and focus on the battle.
    • Accelerated Healing Factor: Spider-Man is able to regenerate faster and more extensively than normal humans are capable of; after the Avengers Civil War, he was able to rapidly heal from a black eye and other harm in a faster rate without any scars in a matter of hours. During a battle with the Vulture, Peter suffered with multiple slash wounds and scars on face and healed rapidly from them in a matter of hours.
    • Superhuman Immunity: Due to his accelerated healing factor; Spider-Man is immune to all known substances and national causes.
    • Wall-Crawling: Spider-Man can naturally adhere to any surface, allowing him to crawl on walls and ceilings by using his fingertips and feet.
    • Spider-Sense: Spider-Man is able to precognitively sense danger, as displayed when he was able to detect something was wrong right immediately prior to being disarmed by Ant-Man at the Berlin airport. He is able to sense an object thrown by Winter Soldier without looking, then catching it, then throw it back at him, but he didn't notice Scott upon the latter stealing Captain America's shield due an argument between Iron Man and Captain America. Likewise, he did not notice the Redwing drone while taunting Falcon and Winter Soldier.


  • Genius-Level Intellect: Academically gifted, Peter displays an uncanny affinity for science, mathematics, mechanics, and physics. Peter is very intelligent, specifically in chemistry and physics. He is intelligent enough to create a powerful adhesive to serve as a "spider web" and constructed a pair of working electro-mechanical web-shooters. Another testament to his intelligence is where he used a simple calculator (alongside Karen, the A.I. in his new suit) to override a time lock in the Damage Control Deep-storage Vault (albeit after 246 failed attempts) to escape.
  • Basic Hand-To-Hand Combatant: Due to him being a crime-fighter for 6 months, Spider-Man has basic skills in hand-to-hand combat. While he was able to handle the likes of Falcon and Winter Soldier for a time and get the better of them, Falcon was able to dispose of him momentarily. Against a more skilled oppoenent, like Captain America, he was able to hold his own temporarily; however, due to Captain America's far superior training and experience, Spider-Man was ultimately defeated by him relatively easily.
  • Skilled Tactician: Despite being a crime-fighter for 6 months, Spider-Man is a capable tactician, using the laws of physics to his advantage in battle.
  • Master Acrobat: Due to his superhuman agility, Spider-Man is an excellent acrobat and gymnast; he was able to accurately shoot a string of webbing at Captain America's shield then catch it while jumping in the air and land over a vehicle.
  • Skilled Marksman: Due to him being a crime-fighter for 6 months, Spider-Man is a very skilled marksman as he is able to aim at his targets by hitting them with his webs and spider-tracers via shooting them from his Web-Shooters.
  • Bilingualism: Peter is capable of fluently speaking English and Spanish.


  • Distraction(s): Spider-Man's spider-sense doesn't work very well if he is distracted; for example, during an argument between Iron Man and Captain America, Spider-Man didn't notice Ant-Man upon the latter stealing Captain America's shield, he also did not notice the Redwing drone while taunting Falcon and Winter Soldier.


  • Web-Shooters: Peter wore Web Shooters that strapped onto his wrist, and made the first variation of these and later, Tony Stark made an upgrade to them.
    • Web Fluid: A unique fluid developed by Peter that he uses to fuel his web-shooters, allowing him to shoot webs. It has been remarked by Tony Stark that the tensile strength of the webbing is "off the charts".
    • Utility Belt: Peter wears a utility belt to hold his web cartridges, that are used to refill his web-shooters; when fighting crime as Spider-Man.
  • Spider-Tracers: Small spider shaped like devices that Tony Stark designed for Peter to find or track his enemies by shooting them onto objects or individuals.
  • Spider-Man suit: Peter wears a suit as his superhero alter-ego, Spider-Man, to hide his identity from his enemies, when he goes out fighting crime, his first suit was made from cheap gloves, red and blue long sleeved shirt, blue pants, red shoes and black goggles, he was later given a new suit made by Tony Stark after he jokingly mocked his old one stating that he was in a "dire need of an upgrade".
    • Spider-Drone: An autonomous spider-like reconnaissance drone attached to the spider emblem on the Spider-Man suit.
  • Iron Spider suit: To be added



Behind the scenes

  • Before Holland was cast as the role, numerous fans petitioned for either Tobey Maguire or Andrew Garfield to return to the role, but ultimately they did not, but after Holland was cast, both Garfield and Maguire praised Tom Holland, with Garfield stating that he was 'glad to be just a fan again'.
  • Tom Holland is so far the youngest actor to portray Spider-Man in the movies at 19 years old at the time.
  • Jon Bernthal and Tom Holland made audition tapes together to get himself and Holland the roles of Frank Castle/The Punisher and Peter Parker/Spider-Man. Chris Hemsworth also put in a good word for him.
  • Tom Holland did a flip in his audition to get the role of Peter Parker.
  • Tom Holland is a trained Gymnast and Dancer, he works out regularly and does back flips in his back garden which he posts on his Instagram page, he even mentioned his workout routine involves electrocution at this EMS Gym he works out in.
  • Tom Holland did screen tests with Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. He mentioned he was 'frightened' during his audition until Robert Downey Jr took him aside and gave him advice, saying "Listen, I remember my screen test for Iron Man. I remember how terrified I was. Just think of it as an audition. It's nothing too scary. If you get it wrong, we'll just start again. No pressure."
  • Tom Holland has signed on for at least three films, not including his Civil War appearance.
  • Tom Holland wore a motion capture suit for Captain America: Civil War, so the suit was entirely CGI, but starting in Spider-Man: Homecoming, the suit is practical and worn by Tom Holland.


  • Spider-Man is so far the second superhero in the MCU to have a secret identity after Daredevil.
  • This is the youngest version of Peter Parker to be introduced into the movies, being only 15 years old, he is also the first to not have an origin story.
  • Spider-Man was going to have a larger role in Civil War, but when it looked like Marvel wouldn't be getting the rights to Spider-Man, they extended Black Panther's role.
  • Peter's screen time in Captain America: Civil War is 8:30.
  • Tom Holland is in the 2018 Guinness Book of World Records for being the youngest leading actor in the MCU.
  • The Homemade Spider-Man suit looks just like the Ben Reilly (Earth-616) Spider-Man suit.


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Spider-Man: Far From Home

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