Peter Wisdom
Appeared in Deadpool 2
Status Alive
Actor Rob Delaney

Peter Wisdom is a human who ends up as a member of X-Force.


Deadpool 2/Once Upon a Deadpool

When Deadpool and Weasel were recruiting mutants to assist in rescuing Russell Collins from a prison transport, Peter saw the ad and applied, thinking it looked like fun. Deadpool asked him if he had any mutant abilities which he admitted he did not; however even when told that Wade allowed him to join the team which was named X-Force. During the mission insertion via parachute, Deadpool was warned that high winds would affect the drop but carried out the mission anyway. The drop was not successful, with nearly every member of X-Force – apart from Deadpool and Domino – dying. Peter actually managed to land safely but tried to rescue Zeitgeist who had landed in a wood chipper. Zeitgeist accidentally fired his acidic vomit on Peter, killing him.

However, Deadpool later commandeered Cable's time-travel device and returned to just before Peter was killed and warned him to walk away, retroactively saving his life.

Character traits

Peter for all intents and purposes is a normal guy with no powers. Despite this he shows a fair amount of bravery joining X-Force and even heroism when he attempted to save Zeitgeist. However Peter does have no problem quitting if sufficiently aware of how dangerous a situation can be as shown when Wade went back in time to save him by telling him to just go home.



Behind the scenes

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  • As a way to promote the film Peter was given a Twitter account where he talks about his failing marriage and his uninteresting normal life, as well as a LinkedIn page.
  • In the comics Peter Wisdom is a British Secret Service agent with the mutant ability to throw "blades" of energy ("hot knives") from his fingertips.


Deadpool 2

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