Pym Discs
Ant-Man Pym Discs
Alias(es) Pym Particle Discs
Appeared in Ant-Man
Captain America: Civil War
Ant-Man and the Wasp
Status In Use

Pym Discs are discs that can reduce or increase the size of objects and creatures. The discs were created by Hank Pym for Scott Lang to use in combat. They are stored on a special compartment on the Ant-Man suit's belt.



Since Hank Pym created them, he is experienced in using the discs and has shown great skill and accuracy when using them. During Scott Lang's training, he has shown difficulty using these discs. During practice he missed a bottle and instead expanded a garden gnome. Later on, while attempting to hit Yellowjacket, he deflected his throws and he accidentally enlarged one of his ants and a Thomas the Tank Engine toy. However, Lang has demonstrated an ability to find creative uses for the disc by using an blue disc to shatter the hermetically-sealed containment chamber he had been trapped in, and later combining an blue disc in the regulator on in order to escape from the Quantum Realm.

Captain America: Civil War

Scott Lang gave a blue pym disc to Cap to use when Scott handed him a miniaturized fuel truck which he had Cap throw at War Machine. The truck returned to it's original size before exploding on top of War Machine.


  • Red Discs: Shrinks objects and creatures when hit.
  • Blue Discs: Increases the size of objects and creatures when hit.





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Captain America: Civil War

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