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Alias(es) Supermax Prison
Appeared in Captain America: Civil War
Status Active

The Raft is an underwater prison.


Captain America: Civil War

Tony Stark visited this facility after the Sokovia Accords were announced, noting how many cells there were in the event that the Avengers failed to cooperate.

Following the battle between both factions of Avengers, FalconScarlet WitchHawkeye and Ant-Man were imprisoned for working outside the law. However, Captain America was able to infiltrate the facility and free them, having secured asylum in Wakanda from King T'Challa.

Notable Inhabitants


Behind the scenes

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  • In the comics, The Raft is an island prison made to house super-powered criminals. Inmates have included the Absorbing Man, Doctor Octopus, or even the Juggernaut.
    • The island was recently rechristened as Spider Island II by Spider-Man, or Doctor Octopus during the time that he took over Spider-Man's body.
  • The role of the Raft in Captain America: Civil War is used in place of Prison 42. A prison created by Reed Richards set up in the Negative Zone, where most of the anti-registration superheroes were incarcerated.
    • Due to 20th Century Fox holding the rights to all Fantastic Four-related media at the time, including Prison 42, Marvel Studios was unable to use the prison. As a result, the Raft was used instead.
  • According to the description in Jessica Jones, the Raft inmates 'have no contact with the outside world, and they never return to it.' This was further emphasized/detailed by Jeri Hogarth, who said that prisoners were 'in solitary confinement 23 hours a day' with 'no visitors' at all.


Captain America: Civil War

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