Appeared in Thor
Status Deceased
Actor Luke Massy

Raze is a Frost Giant.



Raze was one of Laufey's soldiers, a guard to his palace. When the Asgardians, led by Thor, arrived in Jotunheim, Raze attacked them after Thor struck his comrade Sentry. During the battle, he grabbed Loki and began to burn his flesh. However when the flesh burnt, it revealed Jotun skin underneath much to Raze and Loki's surprise. Loki used that moment of confusion to strike Raze and kill him.

Character traits

Raze is a brutal and belligerant Frost Giant, loyal to Laufey.

As all Frost Giants, he possesses superhuman physical attributes, such as strength, speed, stamina and reflexes. He also possesses a freezing touch which damages whoever is not a Frost Giant.



  • Marvel Cinematic Universe (1 film)

Behind the scenes

  • Massy went under hours of make-up in order to portray Raze, even though he only appeared for a few minutes in the movie.


  • In the comics, Raze is the name of both a Skrull bounty-hunter and of the descendant of a member of the Wreckers.


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