Richard Jones
Rick Jones
Alias(es) Rick Jones
Appeared in The Incredible Hulk

Richard "Rick" Jones was a known associate of Bruce Banner. Jones was a student.


The Incredible Hulk

The United States Army monitored Jones' correspondence with Banner.

Character traits

Jones is a student.



Behind the scenes

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  • In the comics, Jones is the first person to learn that Banner is the Hulk after Banner saves him from the Gamma Rays which transform him into the Hulk.
  • In the comics, Jones becomes the second Abomination, a temporary anti-hero turn full-fledge hero "A-Bomb".
  • Rick Jones is voiced by Jon Curry in the video game.
  • Rick Jones appears in an early script of the 2003 feature film Hulk. The character was replaced by Harper, Bruce's colleague whom he saved from the gamma radiations.


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