Robert Hendry
Alias(es) Bob Hendry
Colonel Hendry
Appeared in X-Men: First Class
Status Deceased
Actor Glenn Morshower
"What the hell did you put in my drink?"
―Colonel Hendry [src]

Robert "Bob" Hendry was a colonel of the U.S. Army, who was threatened with his life if he didn't help the Hellfire Club.


X-Men: First Class

Colonel Hendry was threatened with his life to try to make World War III happen. Sebastian Shaw wanted to send the missiles to the Middle East in an attempt to antogonise the Russians, and Colonel Hendry was sent to debate about it. When he was having a drink, Hendry stated he would not approve on the suggestion, but Janos Quested created a tornado and threw Hendry into a wall. Surprised and dazed, and initially thinking they had spiked his drink, Emma Frost then spoke to him telepathically, warning him not to try and run. Shaw explained about genetic mutation. Azazel was summoned and teleported Hendry to the Pentagon, where in light of what the Hellfire Club was capable of, agreed to their demands and approved of the idea to move the missiles.

Moira MacTaggert, having witnessed the whole thing, tried to report to her superiors only for them to disbelieve her since Hendry was with them.

In Florida, Colonel Hendry met with Shaw on his yacht to collect his pay, but knowing that Shaw wouldn't pay, he threatened to blow up the Hellfire Club and himself with a grenade. However Shaw absorbed the grenade's energy as it exploded, revealling he too was a mutant. He then touched Hendry with a single finger, killing the colonel where he stood.



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