Robert Herman
Alias(es) Robert Herman
Appeared in X-Men: The Last Stand
Status Alive, depowered (Original Timeline)
Unknown (New Timeline)
Actor Clayton Watmough

Robert "Glob" Herman is a mutant member of the Brotherhood.


X-Men: The Last Stand

"Glob" Herman is a mutant with a body made of transparent wax showing his skeleton within. He participates in The Brotherhood's attack on Alcatraz. He is shot with a Cure dart taking away his powers.

Powers and abilities

Living Wax Skin: Robert Herman's body is made up of a bio-parrafin (living wax). This wax is highly flammable, allowing him to light himself on fire. However, putting himself on fire injures him. He can also fling bits of himself. His body also gives him:

  • Super Human Strength
  • Super Human Durability
  • Super Human Speed

The three listed abilities haven't been shown off by Robert Herman in X-Men: The Last Stand. Also, Robert Herman hasn't been seen on fire or flinging bits of himself in X-Men: The Last Stand.





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