Rosemary Harris

Rosemary Harris

Rosemary Harris portrayed May Parker in Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2, and Spider-Man 3.

Significant roles

  • Mrs. Fitzherbert in Lord Brummell (1954)
  • Desdemona in Othello (1955)
  • Viola in Twelfth Night (1957)
  • Yelena in Uncle Vanya (1963)
  • Elvira Condomine in Blithe Spirit (1966)
  • George Sand in Notorious Woman (1974)
  • Julie Cavendish in The Royal Family (1977)
  • Minerva Chisholm in The Chisholms (1980)
  • Mrs. Amos Evans in Strange Interlude (1988)
  • Margaret Dawlish in A Midsummer's Night Dream (1994)
  • Player Queen in Hamlet (1996)
  • May Copplestone in Belonging (2004)
  • Nanette Hanson in Before the Devil Knows You'Re Dead (2007)


  • "They're making an action figure out of me!"
  • "I do knock on his door a couple of times, wondering what's going on in his room. Of course, he's changing into his outfit."
  • "But I haven't seen all of it yet, and he hasn't spun any webs."
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