Sal Bertolinni
Alias(es) Colonel Stars and Stripes
Appeared in Kick-Ass 2
Status Deceased
Actor Jim Carrey
"Colonel Stars and Stripes reporting for duty!"
―Colonel Stars and Stripes[src]

Sal Bertolini, aka Colonel Stars and Stripes, is a self-proclaimed superhero leader of Justice Forever.


Kick Ass

He was only mentioned as "Sal" by Frank D'Amico 's right-hand-man Big Joe, who found his phone, and he was thought to have been killed during an assault by the vigilante Kick-Ass, although unbeknownst to his fellow gang members at that time, it was Big Daddy who carried out the assault. However, he survived, and at some point after this, he decided to turn away from a life of crime, and he became a born again Christian.

Kick-Ass 2

Colonel Stars and Stripes was inspired by Kick-Ass 's actions against the D'amicos. He dons the persona of Colonel Stars and Stripes, adopts a dog named Eisenhower to aid in his endeavors, and founds the superhero group Justice Forever , training new members of the group, including Kick-Ass himself, in between superhero activities.

After weeks of successful activity, including breaking up a large prostitution ring, he is tracked down by the Toxic Mega-CuntsThe Mother Fucker recognizes him, and comments on the Colonel's his past in his father's organization; the Colonel simply says that "I used to hang out with a lot of losers." To send a message to the other heroes, the Mother Fucker orders Mother Russia to cut off the Colonel's head. Colonel Stars and Stripes' final words are a defiant cry of "Justice Forever.." as Mother Russia snaps his neck, ending his life before she decapitates his corpse.

Character traits

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Behind the scenes

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  • Jim Carrey only has 7 minutes and 45 seconds of screen time.


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