Sentinel Services
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Members Jace Turner
Ed Weeks
Appeared in The Gifted
Actors Coby Bell
Joe Nemmers
The Sentinel Services is a government agency within the U.S. Department of Mutant Affairs. With it's greatest purpose being protecting the nation from mutant threats.

However, Sentinel Services is also a corrupt government agency that have wrongfully/unfairly imprisoned mutants, just for simply using their powers in self-defense, when they have not even intentionally harm anyone; violating their civil rights.


The Gifted


A Sentinel Services team of agents including Jace Turner appeared at the Strucker house after an incident at the local high school in which Andy Strucker's X-Gene activated in the middle of a school dance and nearly destroyed the gym. His sister Lauren Strucker was also seen using her mutant ability to shield herself and other students from falling debris. Operating under the amended Patriot Act, they forced their way into the Strucker home and attempted to apprehend the Strucker siblings with no warrant or lawyer needed. The family escaped thanks to Lauren's ability and met up with the Mutant Underground in an attempt to flee to Mexico, where Sentinel Services has no jurisdiction and the mutant laws are looser. Sentinel Services came to the workplace of Reed Strucker to collect all the information on his cases and his computer. Through unknown means, the service was able to track down and corner the Strucker family and members of the Mutant Underground, ordering them to surrender before deploying the Sentinels to apprehend them. Before Reed was able to escape with his family through a portal created by Blink, Sentinel Services shot and captured him.


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