Shingen Yashida
Alias(es) Lord Shingen
Appeared in The Wolverine
Status Deceased
Actor Hiroyuki Sanada
"It was my father's obsession... with mutation, with God's mistakes... like you and her, that ruined this house."
―Shingen Yashida[src]

Shingen Yashida was a Japanese Yakuza crime boss who disgraced his family name by turning his clan into a criminal empire.


The Wolverine

Shingen wanted to take over his father's business, and arranged a marriage between Mariko and Noburo Mori so that he could gain political access. However, these plans were foiled when he found out Yashida had arranged for Mariko to inherit his company, since it would prevent him from gaining control of the company as well as enabling Mariko to avoid marrying Noburo. Offering the corrupt Noburo money in exchange for helping him, Shingen sent the Yakuza after Mariko to kill her. They brought Mariko to Shingen, who attempted to kill her before Viper and the Black Clan intervened. Viper stabbed Shingen in the neck with a poison coated pen, but he survived and attacked Yukio in a set of armor. Shingen gained the upper hand before Logan recovered from his injuries (sustained cutting a bug out of his heart) and fought Shingen. Shingen was unable to inflict any lasting injury on Logan, who decided to spare him and let him live with the fact that he tried to kill his daughter. Shingen attacked Logan and stabbed him a final time, and at the same time Logan stabbed Shingen with his claws, surviving his injury with his healing factor. Before dying, Shingen asked Logan what kind of monster he was, to which Logan said he was the Wolverine.



Behind the scenes

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  • Togo Igawa was considered for the role of Shingen.
  • In the comics, Shingen Yashida is bald.


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