Sonya Simonson
Alias(es) Dreamer
Appeared in The Gifted
Status Deceased
Actor Elena Satine
Sonya Simonson, also known as Dreamer, was a mutant who possessed the power to manipulate other individuals' memories. Sonia was also the girlfriend of John Proudstar and a member of the Mutant Underground.


Early life

Before joining the Mutant Underground, Sonya worked at a facility for battered woman where she would use her powers to erase their unpleasant memories and give them some peace.

Pat some point in time she joined the Mutant Underground and began a romantic relationship with the underground's leader John Proudstar aka Thunderbird and become best friends with Lorna Dane aka Polaris. Eventually at some point John and Sonya broke their relationship off as to not let it interfere with their mission.

The Gifted


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"eXtreme measures"

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"threat of eXtinction"

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Character traits

Sonya was fiercely loyal to her friends, especially John and Lorna, and was willing to go into any danger for them and with them, as seen on many occasions. However, she did have some moral ambiguity when it came to using her gift, though she always believed that the ends justify the means. However, this did not mean she was guilt free or remorse for her actions.

Sonya had proven many times to be quite the opposite, this was seen when she not only apologized to Clarice for implanting a memory into her mind even offering to erase it but also when she unintentionally stole the last memories that agent Turner had of his daughter, Grace and tried to explain to him that it was an accident.

Powers and Abilities


  • Mnemokinesis: Dreamer was able to scan, implant, remove or manipulate memories of other individuals. She exhaled a pink colored mist from her mouth that allowed her to affect the memories of anyone exposed to it.




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Behind the scenes




The Gifted

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