Sophie Frost
Appeared in The Gifted
Status Alive
Actor Skyler Samuels
Sophie Frost is a mutant who possesses telepathic powers.


The Gifted


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Character traits

Sophie is a manipulative person who has no problem using her powers to manipulate others into doing what she wants or to achieve her goal.

Powers and Abilities


  • Mutant Physiology: Sophie is a very powerful mutant who possesses powerful telepathic powers. Whenever she utilizes her powers; Sophie's eyes glow bright blue.
    • Telepathy: Sophie can read the minds of other individuals. She is even able to pick up images that are within individuals' memories.
    • Mind Control: Sophie can control other individuals' minds; as demonstrated when she forced several Sentinel Services agents to kill both their fellow agents and themselves.
    • Empathy: Sophie has limited empathic powers.


  • Limitations: Sophie can only read or control the minds of other individuals, as well as sense there emotions; when she is in close proximity of that said individual. Also, her telepathic powers do not activate very quickly; leaving her vulnerable to being attacked.



Behind the scenes

  • Skyler Samuels revealed through an Instagram livestream that the names of Esme's sisters are Sophie and Phoebe and that their last name is Frost.


  • In the comics, Sophie, along with Esme and Phoebe are the artificial daughters of Emma Frost, and they have the same powers as their "mother". Created from Emma's egg cells by Weapon X, there were two other sisters, Celeste Cuckoo and Irma Cuckoo.
  • This is the second adaptation of the Stepford Cuckoos in live action. The first time they appeared was in a cameo in X-Men: The Last Stand.


The Gifted

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