Soren CM.png
Alias(es) Maria Hill
Appeared in Captain Marvel
Spider-Man: Far From Home
Status Alive
Actor Sharon Blynn
Cobie Smulders (Maria Hill)

Soren is one of the shape-shifting race known as Skrulls and the wife of Talos.


Captain Marvel

Soren was part of a group of Skrulls who had found refuge with Mar-Vell. She and her companions hid on Mar-Vell's Laboratory whilst Mar-Vell tried to perfect the Light-Speed Engine and help to save their lives.

Mar-Vell was killed before she could get to them and they remained in hiding for six years until 1995 when Carol Danvers and Maria Rambeau worked out that the co-ordinates that Mar-Vell had given them were for an object in orbit. Talos was reunited with Soren and his daughter but their reunion was interrupted by Starforce who took the Skrulls prisoner. Talos simmed a Kree guard and helped guide the Skrulls to the Quadjet. Talos was shot in the process and Soren held his hand as they were flown to safety by Maria.

Soren stayed briefly with Talos and thier daughter at Maria Rambeau's. Carol decided she would help to rehome the Skrull refugees. Soren and the Skrulls returned to Mar-Vell's Laboratory, which was a Kree Imperial Cruiser, and left Earth with Carol in a hunt for a new planet to call home.

Spider-Man: Far From Home

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Captain Marvel

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