Illyana with the Soulsword.jpg
Owner Illyana Rasputin
User Illyana Rasputin
Function Weapon
Status Active
Appeared in The New Mutants

The Soulsword is a powerful magical weapon, owned by Illyana Rasputin. She obtained this weapon in the hellish dimension of Limbo.


The New Mutants

During her multiple visits to Limbo, Illyana obtained the Soulsword, as well as a mystical armor made of a metal very similar to that found on the floor of Limbo. At some point in her life, she used this sword to kill 18 men, the same men who had taken her as a sex slave.

When the Smiley Men manifested in Milbury Hospital, Illyana used the sword to kill them all. And later she used it to face the Demon Bear, being able to leave the Bear wounds that the creature was unable to regenerate as quickly as other wounds.


The Soulsword is a powerful mystical weapon, capable of damaging such powerful entities as the Demon Bear and slicing the Smiley Men in half. During the fight against the Demon Bear, every time the sword cut the Bear, there would be a portal to Limbo, so it is to be understood that the sword also has this ability.


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