Spider-Man 4
Director: Sam Raimi[1]
Writer(s): James Vanderbilt (early draft)
David Lindsay-Abaire
Expected Release: May 5, 2011[2]
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Spider-Man 4 was the planned sequel to Spider-Man 3 that was cancelled.



  • After disagreements between director Sam Raimi and Sony, Raimi left the project which in turn halted production. Tobey Maguire would also depart the project due to Raimi's departure. Sony would then produce a reboot of the Spider-Man film series, 2012's The Amazing Spider-Man.


  • Director Sam Raimi stated in a interview with MTV he would have liked to have had The Sinister Six built up in the upcoming Spider-Man movies.
  • David Koepp turned down the chance to write the script.
  • Director Sam Raimi, known for his horror films, is a fan of Morbius the Living Vampire, citing his "combination of superhero + supernatural". He would later state in an interview that Morbius won't be featured but he will be mentioned in the then upcoming movies.
  • One of the biggest and most popular rumors was that Carnage would be the the film's villain, portrayed by either Jim Carrey or Jackie Earle Haley, due to Venom's presence in Spider-Man 3. All of these claims were declared false by Sam Raimi and Sony.
  • A potential opening sequence would have featured Spider-Man battling and defeating various supervillains not yet seen in the film series, including Mysterio, Shocker, Prowler, and Rhino, before settling with Vulture and Black Cat as the movie's antagonists.
  • Screenwriter James Vanderbilt was signed on after impressing the studio with his focus on characterization. Despite this movie's cancellation, he was kept on to write the reboot film as a contingency due to Sam Raimi's departure.
  • In an interview in which he talked about Spider-Man 4, Bruce Campbell claimed that at no point was he going to play Quentin Beck/Mysterio despite several rumors indicating he would be. However, Mysterio was present in several early drafts.
  • Director Sam Raimi and actor Dylan Baker expressed interest in having The Lizard as the films antagonist, as did producer Grant Curtis who is a fan of the character. The Lizard's alter-ego, Dr Curt Connors (played by Baker), had featured extensively in the previous films. In fact in Spider-Man 3 (2007) he was seen carrying out research on animals, setting up his fateful mutation. This plot would be used for the following reboot film The Amazing Spider-Man, with Connors/Lizard being portrayed by Rhys Ifans.
  • Sam Raimi expressed interest in filming second unit shots in his home state of Michigan, having considered it for Spider-Man 3 (2007) before opting for the cheaper area of Cleveland, Ohio.
  • Disagreements on the movie took place in December when Sony was pushing Vulture as the new editor of the Daily Bugle. Along with reworking Felicia Hardy into "The Vulturess", unlike the comic book where she is Black Cat, they also wanted her to be the daughter of the Vulture.
  • In another interview, Sam Raimi re-clarified that Anne Hathaway could have been Black Cat, but never clarified if she'd still be related to Malkovich's Vulture.
  • During the writing of the Spider-Man 4 script, James Vanderbilt was instructed to also write a reboot script just in case Sam Raimi dropped out. Raimi did indeed drop out, and Vanderbit would go on to write the reboot The Amazing Spider-Man.
  • Sam Raimi confirmed had Spider-Man 4 entered production, Spider-Man 5 would've been immediately greenlit and entered pre-production, with filming commencing after the completion of the fourth film's. Spider-Man 6 was also heavily considered if the fourth film was successful and the fifth was greenlit.


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