Spider-Man 4
Director: Sam Raimi[1]
Writer(s): James Vanderbilt (early draft)
David Lindsay-Abaire
Expected Release: May 5, 2011[2]
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Spider-Man 4 was the planned sequel to Spider-Man 3 that was cancelled.



  • All production has been stopped for production on a Spider-Man reboot.


  • Director Sam Raimi stated in a interview with MTV he would like to have The Sinister Six built up in the coming Spider-Man movies.
  • David Koepp turned down the chance to write the script.
  • Director Sam Raimi is a fan of Morbius the Living Vampire, citing his "combination of superhero + supernatural," (Raimi had started out with horror films.) though he's recently stated, in an interview, that Morbius won't be featured. But, he will be mentioned in the coming movies. He stated there will be a New York central villain, though.
  • Screenwriter James Vanderbilt was signed on after impressing the studio with his focus on characterization.
  • Bruce Campbell in an interview in which he talked about Spider-Man 4, mentioned that at no time he was going to be Quentin Beck/Mysterio.
  • Producer Grant Curtis, director Sam Raimi and actor Dylan Baker expressed interest in making the film's main antagonist the Lizard (Curtis is a fan of the character). The Lizard's alter-ego, Dr Curt Connors (played by Baker), had featured extensively in the previous films; in fact in Spider-Man 3 (2007) he was seen carrying out research on animals, which led to his fateful mutation.
  • Sam Raimi expressed interest in filming second unit shots in his home state of Michigan, having considered it for Spider-Man 3 (2007) before opting for the cheaper area of Cleveland, Ohio.
  • After much disagreements between both Sam Raimi and Sony, Sam and Tobey Maguire dropped out of Spider-Man 4. Sony later decided to reboot Spider-Man for a 2012 release.
  • Disagreements on the movie took place in December when Sony was pushing Vulture as the new editor of the Daily Bugle. Along with re-creating Felicia Hardy into "Vulturess", unlike the comic book where she is Black Cat, they also wanted her to be the daughter of the Vulture.
  • In another interview, Sam Raimi said that Anne Hathaway could have been Black Cat.
  • Durring the writing of the Spider-Man 4 script, James Vanderblit was put to write a reboot script, just in case Sam Raimi ever dropped out.


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