Rumors about the Spider-Man 4 movie before it got cancelled.


  • Carnage and Lizard could be in the movie.[1]
  • Producer Grant Curtis has expressed interest in bringing in Kraven the Hunter.
  • Director Sam Raimi said that he will try to put Ben Reilly in the movie and hope to get Jude Law to play the clone.
  • Morbius is also a possibility for the villain.
  • Anne Hathaway is in talks to star as Felicia Hardy, but her alter-ego may not be Black Cat. Rumor is that she will play a Vulture counterpart called the Vulturess. Whether she will play Vulturess or Black Cat is still to be determined. [2]



  • The studio is considering shooting Spider-Man 4 back to back with Spider-Man 5 both due to the difficulty in bringing the cast together and for cost effectiveness.[3]
  • Filming is expected to begin in March 2010.[5]
  • When asked about filming Spider-Man 4 in 3-D, Sony chairman Amy Pascal said it was a possibility, but co-chairman Michael Lynton suggested that he did not think people should have to pay more to see a Spider-Man film than a romantic comedy.[6]
  • Director Sam Raimi announced in early May 2009, that he expected the first draft of a script from writer Lindsay-Abaire in about 3 weeks.[7]


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