Appeared in Elektra
Status Deceased
Actor Bob Sapp
Stone was a member of The Hand and an enemy of Elektra Natchios.



Stone was one of Kirigi's elite mutant warriors. He presents himself to The Hand along with his teammates during the high council gathered by Roshi, and he's assigned with the mission of kidnapping Abby Miller and kill Elektra Natchios.

When Kirigi's team arrives at McCabe's safe house, where Elektra and the Millers are hidden, Stone approaches the door for first, but McCabe attacks him with a shotgun. Thanks to his powers, Stone suffers no damage from the shot, but gets quite angry and starts destroying McCabe's house barehands. Shortly after, the team goes after the fugitives in the nearby forest, and splits in order to better find them. Elektra, who was hidden on the top of a tree, attacks Stone for first, but she breaks one of her sais against his impenetrable skin trying to stab him. Stone sends her flying against a tree, and prepares to crush her with his mace. He throws the weapon towards the girl, but she avoids it: the mace makes the tree behind her fall upon Stone's head, and he's crushed and killed by his own attack.

Character traits

Stone was an incredibly strong and durable warrior, with impenetrable skin and superhuman strength. He fights using a heavy mace. His incredible power is accompanied by a lack of intelligence: always ready to follow Kirigi's orders, he's not capable of thinking by himself.



Behind the scenes

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  • In the comics, there are two characters named Stone: the first one, related to Elektra, is not a villain, but he's Stick's favourite pupil and a precious ally to Daredevil. The second one, with the same powers as the movie version, is a mutant appeared in X-Factor.