Supreme Intelligence
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Alias(es) Supreme Intelligence
Appeared in Captain Marvel
Status Active
Actor Annette Bening

The Supreme Intelligence is an artificial intelligence and the ruler of the Kree Empire who embodies the empire's greatest minds.


Captain Marvel

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Character traits

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Powers and Abilities


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Behind the scenes

  • Annette Bening wasn't initially intended to play the Supreme Intelligence as well as Mar-Vell, with the original idea, according to Anna Boden, was for the Supreme Intelligence to have a separate figure, but it was ultimately decided to have Bening playing both roles so the Intelligence could represent somebody from Captain Marvel's past that she knew and admired but she didn't know who it was because she had that part of her self missing.


  • In the comics, the Supreme Intelligence is an organic artificial intelligence who ruled over the Kree Empire and was created by the Kree using the minds and knowledge of their most influential citizens.
  • It is unknown why the Supreme Intelligence is no longer the ruler of the Kree by the time of Guardians of the Galaxy, in which it is established the Kree are now ruled by an emperor.


Captain Marvel

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