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"Any more bright ideas? Why don't you strip down and have a hundred people stare at you?"
―Susan Storm [src]

Susan "Sue" Richards (nee Storm) is a member of the Fantastic Four known as Invisible Woman, who harnesses the ability to turn invisible and create fields and barriers of only pure force.


Fantastic Four

Sue, a brilliant scientist, leads Victor von Doom's Department of Genetic Research. She is dating Victor at the beginning of the film. Immediately prior to the arrival of the cosmic storm which grants her the ability to manipulate light (allowing her to disappear and generate semi-visible force fields), Victor proposes to her; she turns him down. Unlike in other media, Sue was not able to render her normal clothes invisible (her radiated spacesuit can become invisible with her, though). Although her powers are influenced by her emotions, she manages to control her abilities during the team's climactic battle with Victor. Sue accepts Richards' proposal of marriage.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Sue's wedding to Reed is interrupted by the arrival of the Silver Surfer. Sue reminds the Silver Surfer of the woman he loved back on his home-world. This association, and the friendship with Sue which follows, leads the Surfer to turn against his master, Galactus.

While attempting to shield the Silver Surfer with a force field, Sue is impaled in the chest with a spear created by a cosmic-powered Doctor Doom, and she dies unmarried in Reed's arms. However, Silver Surfer uses his cosmic powers to heal Sue, tarnishing himself in the process. Before leaving to confront Galactus, Silver Surfer tells Reed to treasure every moment with Sue.

Reed and a kimono-clad Sue are married in ceremony in Japan, moments before jetting off with Ben and Johnny to save Venice from sinking.

Powers and Abilities


  • Superhuman Physiology: Due to exposure to the cosmic storm; Sue is a very powerful superhuman who possesses the power of invisibility, flyrogenesis and flyrokinesis.
    • Invisibility: Sue is able to become completely invisible. This allows her to blend into her surroundings and can easily sneak past or escape from her enemies.
    • Flyrogenesis: Sue is able to create force fields to do a variety of things; such as, stop explosions or fire from expanding, level a large building structure so Ben could lift it back into place, contain people, or propel her force fields with varying force to push back or send people flying.
    • Flyrokinesis: Sue can manipulate force fields. This allows her to generate powerful force-fields in order to protect herself or other people from danger threats.
    • Telekinesis: Due to Sue's flyrogenesis and flyrokinesis powers; she can move objects or other individuals without physically touching them.


  • Advanced Hand-To-Hand Combatant: Sue has proven herself a very competent combatant; able to use her powers to their fullest in combat situations.



Behind the scenes


  • Differently from the comics, the movie version of the Invisible Woman is not able to turn normal clothes invisible, which leads to a number of comical scenes involving Sue finding herself naked in public. These jokes were a play on the fact that Jessica Alba often tops "Sexiest Female" lists and is seen as a highly attractive sex symbol. However, the reason why she can turn her clothes invisible in the comics is because they have woven in them unstable molecules, created by Reed, which are particles able to adapt to the Fantastic Four's powers, but only devised after the team discovered the nature of their powers (this is also the reason why Johnny burns off his clothes when "flaming on" for the first time, in the first film).


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