Sydney Barrett
Alias(es) Syd
Appeared in Legion
Status Alive
Actor Rachel Keller

Syd Barrett is a self-sufficient and street smart woman who uses her sharp and prickly demeanor to protect her soft core, because even though it makes her a sucker and puts her at risk, she still believes in happily ever after.



Early Life

Sydney was born the only child to Joan Barrett and grew up in the city where she and her mother lived on the 31st floor of an apartment building. Her mother was famously smart and a gifted writer and poet having wrote several essays. She was famous in several circles and often had parties which she called salons.

Sydney had several step dads. Men would often come to her mother's salons looking to control her but Syd's mom was never controlled.

Sydney first had sex when she was 16. Her mom was dating a journalist at the time, and Syd and the journalist had a flirtation. When her mom had passed out on the couch, Syd heard the journalist taking a shower. Using her ability, Sydney switched bodies with her mom and entered the bathroom where the journalist was and they had sex. Unfortunately, Syd did not have control over the body swap and she changed back when he was inside of her. Her mom then arrived and Syd recalled there being lots of screaming that followed. Her mom thought that the journalist was taking sexual advantage of Syd and called the police. 

Some time later, before Syd was admitted to Clockworks Psychiatric Hospital, her mother died from cancer.

Season 1

Legion Episode 1.01: Chapter 1

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Legion Episode 1.02: Chapter 2

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Legion Episode 1.03: Chapter 3

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Legion Episode 1.04: Chapter 4

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Legion Episode 1.05: Chapter 5

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Legion Episode 1.06: Chapter 6

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Legion Episode 1.07: Chapter 7

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Legion Episode 1.08: Chapter 8

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Season 2

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Character traits

Syd is a fellow patient at the mental hospital that David is in. Like David, she's also isolated, and she has a fear of being touched. But as we will eventually learn, she isn't your average type of mutant — and, naturally, David falls for her. But, her fear of being touched makes sense when you consider her powers. Hawley told Entertainment Weekly about her abilities, saying, "if she touches your skin she trades places with you, her mind goes into your body and the other way around."



Behind the scenes

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  • Sydney while being an original character for the show shares many similarities with the X-Men known as Rogue which includes being unable to touch people and taking others powers.


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