"Royal Dragon"
Director: Phil Abraham
Writer(s): Douglas Petrie & Marco Ramirez
Series: The Defenders
Season Number: 1
Episode Number: 4
Original airdate: August 18, 2017
Previous Episode: "Worst Behavior"
Next Episode: "Take Shelter"

"Royal Dragon" is the fourth episode of season one of The Defenders.


As the Defenders get to know each other over dinner, they're greeted by a series of party crashers -- none of them friendly.


Continuity and References to the Marvel Cinematic Universe


  • When all four heros take shelter in a Chinese restaurant, Jessica Jones asks, "What are you on, lithium?". 'Lithium' is a song from the band, Nirvana. This could be a reference to her character being a fan of Nirvana (as seen in her own series), and the fact that Nirvana's, 'Come as You Are', has become the series theme of sorts.


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