The Drug Lord
Appeared in Deadpool 2
Status Deceased
Actor Thayr Harris

The Drug Lord was a human that ran a drug trade out of New York City.


Deadpool 2

Wade was hired to take out The Drug Lord and shut down his operations. During the incursion at the drug facility, the man ran away and hid inside his panic room while Deadpool fought the Drug Lords subordinates. Hiding in a panic room Deadpool was annoyed by The Drug Lord's cowardice and urged him to come out and fight due to it being his anniversary with his girlfriend Vanessa Carlysle, but Deadpool was ultimately forced to escape with help from Dopinder when the rest of the mans gang members arrived.

Wanting to get revenge on Deadpool for destroying his operation, The Drug Lord and his men tracked him down to his girlfriend Vanessa's apartment. Wade succeeded in killing all of the henchmen attacking him, and The Drug Lord himself emerged to shoot the mercenary. In response, Deadpool threw a cream cheese spreader at him, although this caused the angle of his gun to shift, resulting in Vanessa being shot instead. Totally devastated, Wade chased down the man as he was trying to escape and cornered him in the middle of the street. However, rather than kill him immediately, Wade hugged him instead, much to his confusion. Wade then jumped in front of a moving truck while still holding onto The Drug Lord, killing him. Despite his death, The Drug Lord's actions left a massive impact on Wade. Vanessa's death caused Wade to stumble into a depression, trying to fruitlessly kill himself to no avail due to his regenerative abilities, and leading to him being recruited by Colossus to join the X-Men.

Wade eventually had Cable's time travel watch repaired thanks to Negasonic and Yukio, and used it go back in time to the exact moment following Deadpool's dispatching of The Drug Lord's underlings after they invaded his and Vanessa's apartment. Just as before the Drug Lord appeared with his gun pulled it out to shoot Wade, but this time, Wade threw the cream cheese spreader at The Drug Lord's head, killing him instantly, and successfully saving Vanessa from death.

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Deadpool 2

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