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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is an Disney+ series that is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that follows Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes after Avengers: Endgame. It aired on Disney+ on March 19, 2021.


The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is set in a post-Endgame world in which Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes will have to face a world without Steve Rogers. The void created by his absence will lead to the government installing their own Captain America, John Walker. Walker would go by the code name the U.S. Agent. The series will also see the return of characters of Helmut Zemo and Sharon Carter.


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  • The series was originally set to premiere in August 2020. Like WandaVision, production shut down in March due to the COVID lockdowns before the series could be completed. Filming was eventually cleared to resume in late July but the premiere date had to be pushed back to 2021 as the show could not be completed in time for a 2020 release.
  • Malcolm Spellman said that had the series been about 10 episodes long, Joaquin Torres would've had an important plotline.
  • Kari Skogland wanted Ben Barnes to be part of the show, but he had to decline due to scheduling conflicts.
  • Florence Pugh and Chris Evans had filmed cameos for the series as Yelena Belova and Steve Rogers respectively, but they were both cut from the final product. Yelena's appearance was removed due to the delay of Black Widow, though why Steve was taken out is unknown.
  • The series was originally planned to be 8 episodes long before getting cut down to 6 instead.
  • Sam Claflin was considered for the role of John Walker before Wyatt Russell was cast.
  • The writers considered introducing Sam's comic book ability to telepathically talk to birds, but it was left on the cutting floor since they couldn't figure out how to implement it properly. Malcolm Spellman did express possible interest in trying it again with the fourth Captain America movie however.
  • Battlestar was planned to have electrified gloves as part of his arsenal, which would've come into play in regards to a scrapped battle sequence in Puerto Rico. The scene never got filmed due to earthquake scares, and the gloves never made an appearance on the show.
  • Veronica Falcon confirmed in an interview that her character Donya Madani was meant to feature more heavily in the show until the COVID-19 Pandemic forced them to put a pause on shooting and signicantly revamp or refilm whatever scenes they had, resulting in Madani becoming a Posthumous Character who was largely excised from the show.


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