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The New Mutants is the thirteenth and final film in the X-Men film series which follows a new group of young mutants known as the New Mutants battling against both their past and the Demon Bear in a facility.


Danielle Moonstar is awaken by her father and rushed out of their Cheyenne reservation which is under attack by an unknown entity. As Dani's father leaves her to hide in a tree stump, he is killed and Dani runs and is knocked unconscious. She awakens in an abandoned hospital run by Dr. Cecilia Reyes who informs her that her entire reservation has been killed and that she is the sole survivor.

Dani is introduced to four other young teenagers; Samuel Guthrie, who can propel through the air protected by a energy field; Illyana Rasputin, who can conjure magic and travel between another dimension called Limbo; Roberto da Costa, who can transform into a humanoid sun; and Rahne Sinclair who has lycanthropy. Reyes has each of them there after they have all suffered a tragedy; Sam brought a whole mine on his father and coworkers, Roberto burned his girlfriend, Rahne escaped her religiously strict village who branded her and Illyana was haunted by her past in child slavery as well as otherworldly beings called the Smiley Men. Reyes has them stay at the facility as she herself has the power to create force fields.

Dani immediately becomes antagonized by Illyana who insults and belittles her. After a failed attempt at escaping, Dani tries to jump from the church tower, but is stopped by Rahne who takes an interest in her. Later at night, Sam is in the laundry room when he suddenly has a vision of his father and his fellow miners, and awakens from his stupor. Later, Rahne tries to use the confessional booth and begins hearing the voices of the villagers who chased her out. In anger and frustration, Dani finally snaps at Illyana who retreats to her comfort, a small hand puppet of a purple dragon named Lockheed.

Eventually, the group come together when Illyana spikes Reyes' coffee with sleeping pills and they run amok on the grounds. They collectively believe that they are being trained to become X-Men, hence the strict supervision, as well as Reyes reminding them that they are considered dangerous and should not leave until they are under control. Dani and Rahne enter a romantic relationship with one another. Later, Roberto is swimming with Illyana, until she disappears and the burning manifestation of his girlfriend Juliana appears. Reyes awakens in time and puts Roberto out in the pool. He demands that they leave and during the confrontation, Reyes puts Illyana in solitary confinement.

Reyes finally conducts an experiment on Dani and discovers that she can create illusions based on a person's psyche. As Dani goes under, she sees that Reyes has been conducting horrifying experiments on other Mutant children. Later, Rahne has another vision of Reverend Craig Sinclair appearing in the bathroom and branding her on her neck while Illyana has a vision of the Smiley Men, demonic creatures who have haunted her since she was a child. The group find Rahne severely injured and Illyana confronts Dani, knowing what her power is now. Illyana attacked Dani, having a portal to Limbo and taking her there. However, Dani unconsciously used her power and transformed her face into the mask of a Smiling Man, causing Illyana to scream in terror and fall to the ground, to be subsequently injected by Dr. Reyes with a tranquilizer and taken to her room.

Reyes consults her employers who turn out to be Essex Corporation and they instruct her to kill Dani. As Reyes takes Dani away, Rahne immediately suspects that something is wrong. Illya and Sam are attacked by the Smiley Men while Berto tries to break through the barrier which has shrunken down. Dani uses her powers to learn of Reyes' true intent, but Rahne arrives in time and severely injures Reyes, forcing her to flee. The New Mutants regroup and realize that in order to escape, they have to kill Reyes. They find her and she reveals that she was training them to be killers for Essex, but that Dani must die due to her dangerous Mutant abilities.

Just as Reyes is about to kill Dani with her powers, the Demon Bear, a creature that had been stalking Dani and was the one who attacked her reservation, arrives and devours Reyes; destroying all the barriers. The gang carry an unconscious Dani away and Illyana summons her powers to jump between Limbo and recruits a real life version of Lockheed to take on Demon Bear.

Sam, overcomes his anxiety while Roberto eventually overcomes his fear of burning others and they aid Illyana in fighting Demon Bear. Rahne attempts to speak to an unconscious Dani until she eventually goes to fight as well. Dani meets her father in the spirit world and he gives her the encouragement to fight back. She awakens and confronts the Demon Bear head on by talking down to it. She calms it and says that it can rest now; allowing it to dissipate.

As the sun rises, the New Mutants collect their belongings. Sam notices that the barrier is no longer around them and they all decide to head the nearest village.


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Continuty and References to Earth-10005


  • Everyone has Demons.
  • There is Something New to Fear.
  • Witness the Beginning of Something New.
  • Fear is their Weakness, Survival is their Power.


The film was shot in Boston, Massachusetts.



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