"Front Toward Enemy"
Director: Marc Jobst
Writer(s): Angela LaManna
Series: The Punisher
Season Number: 1
Episode Number: 9
Original airdate: November 17, 2017
Previous Episode: "Cold Steel"
Next Episode: "Virtue of the Vicious"

"Front Toward Enemy" is the ninth episode of season one of The Punisher.


Following a deadly explosion, Karen lands in a bomber's crosshairs - and Frank isn't happy about it. Meanwhile, Curtis makes a grisly discovery.


Continuity and References to the Marvel Cinematic Universe


  • Sic semper tyrannis is Latin meaning "thus always to tyrants" it's said to have been quoted by Marcus Brutus during the assassination of Julius Caesar on the 15th of March 44 BC and was quoted by John Wilks booth after he assassinated president Abraham Lincoln, and jumped from the balcony of Ford theater on April 14, 1865.
  • Lewis' address is listed as Ingram Street, which is the same street that Peter Parker (Spider-Man) grew up on in the Marvel comics.
  • The episode title is referring to a M18 Claymore mine, which is a directional mine that fires a group of metal balls out of the front of the mine, it is used as a ambush weapon to take out enemy infantry moving through a killing field. The words "Front Towards Enemy" are stamped on the front of every Claymore mine.



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