The Russian
Russian thumb
Alias(es) Ivan
Appeared in The Punisher
Status Deceased
Actor Kevin Nash

The Russian was a mercenary hired by Howard Saint to kill Frank Castle.


The Punisher

The Russian is an herculean and pitiless mercenary, a killer who sells himself to the better offerent. When Howard Saint hires him to kill Frank Castle, the Russian reaches him in his apartment, starting a brutal fight. For the whole match, the colossal killer has the upper hand, throwing Castle all over the rooms, crashing fornitures and walls, ignoring Frank's punches and even stabbings. Eventually, Castle manages to throw some boiling water in the Russian's face, badly burning him, and then makes him fall from the stairs, thus breaking his neck.

Character traits

The Russian is an incredibly strong guy, near to a superhuman level. He doesn't seem to be very smart, but he compensates what he lacks in intellect with brutal strength and incredible stamina. His strength was capable of denting the barrel of a gun with a dumbell as well as walking through walls with ease. When stabbed in the chest with a switchblade knife he merely smiled and pulled it out without making any indications he was hurt.



Behind the scenes

  • Jonathan Hensleigh declared that, for the fight with the Russian, he took inspiration from the ones between James Bond and Jaws in 007: The Spy Who Loved Me and 007: Moonraker.


  • In the comics, the Russian comes back as a transexual cyborg after his first "death": The Punisher nuclearizes him just to be sure he'll stay dead.
  • The fight in the movie mirrors the first encounter in the comics between the Russian and Castle.


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