Theo Rossi

Theo Rossi

Theo Rossi portrayed Shades in the Netflix series Luke Cage.

Significant roles

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  • "Now that I’m on Netflix with Marvel, and to be on the number one show on Netflix in Luke Cage, it’s like cable television 2.0. I’ve been very lucky and very fortunate in my decisions and in the people who wanted me to be with them with things like Sons and Luke Cage… I honestly couldn’t ask to be in a better situation with the caliber of people I’m around. Walking on the streets that I skateboarded in and ran around doing graffiti in, it’s a pretty incredible feeling. There’s a memory on every street, on every block, and I get to be close to my family. It’s all perfect."
  • " Luke Cage is going down season two. We’re pretty excited, it’ll be nice to get back into the swing."
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