Theodore Sallis
Alias(es) Ted Sallis
Appeared in Man-Thing
Status Alive
Actor Conan Stevens

Theodore "Ted" Sallis, also known as Man-Thing, is a monster living in the swamps between Florida Everglades and Louisiana. It once was Ted Sallis.



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Character traits

Man-Thing is a monster without a personal consciousness, and he's all with the swamp. He doesn't have moral values, and he kills whoever put the swamp and the Nexus at risk.

He is incredibly strong and he is virtually invulnerable, since he is always regenerated by the swamp itself. He's composed by plants and other living beings of the swamp, which he controls with his thoughts.


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Behind the scenes

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  • In the comics, Ted Sallis is a scientist who transforms into Man-Thing while trying to replicate Captain America's Super Soldier Serum, while in the movie he's a Native who resurrects as Man-Thing after being murdered near the Nexus of All Realities.
  • In the movie, Man-Thing lacks of his trademark ability, which is the origin of his launch phrase "Whoever knows fear, burns at the touch of the Man-Thing!"
  • In the movie, Man-Thing is portrayed as an antagonist as apposed to the heroic comic incarnation.


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