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Thor: The Dark World Prelude is a two-part digital comic set after Thor leading up to The Avengers and then bridging the gap leading up to Thor: The Dark World.


Part 1

Some time after the events of Thor, with the Bifrost in ruins thanks to the climactic battle between Loki and Thor, the enemies of Asgard are seizing the opportunity to exploit an adversarial weakness. It's implied that Hogun will play a significant role in Vanaheim's conflict with The Marauders as he is Vanir not Asgardian. Stuck in Asgard, Thor keeps a watchful eye on Jane Foster through the all-seeing abilities of Heimdall. Jane is also keeping busy, she's working on a device that will create a wormhole which will allow Thor to return. She builds a prototype machine but it fails spectacularly.

One year later, with The Realm Eternal still in repair mode. Everyone has pressing concerns about looming conflicts with the Trolls, Marauders, Badoon and Ice Giants and have seemingly forgotten about Loki, having written him off for dead. Except for his mother Frigga who uses her powers to locate her foster-son in Chituari space with Thanos, The Other and their army. It's Frigga who alerts Odin and Thor to Loki's plan regarding the Tesseract which prompts Odin to lead Thor to a room with a large "Dark Energy" generator. However, harnessing this power will have unspecified negative consequences on the All-father and Thor. Indeed we see Thor arrive on Earth, but he crashed into a mountain and is badly damaged.

Part 2

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