Todd Haynes
Todd Haynes
Alias(es) Ass Kicker
Appeared in Kick-Ass
Kick-Ass 2
Actor Evan Peters
Augustus Prew
Todd Haynes is Dave Lizewski's friend.



Todd is one of Dave's two best friends, the other being Marty, and the trio regularly hang out together in school and at their local comic book store. Todd and Dave also talk to each other on Skype. When Dave wonders why no one has ever attempted crime-fighting as a superhero, Todd and Marty are both in agreement that if anybody tried to become a real-life superhero, they would not survive a single day.

However, when Dave decides to fight crime under the alias "Kick-Ass", Todd becomes a fan of the vigilante, wearing Kick-Ass T-shirts and reading Kick-Ass comic books, although he is unaware that Dave is Kick-Ass.

After the events of Kick-Ass's and Big-Daddy's execution on live television, he apparently has a fanboy crush on Hit-Girl due to her extraordinary assassination abilities.

Kick-Ass 2

After Marty joins a team of superheroes called Justice Forever, Todd also becomes a superhero and attempts to join the team, calling himself "Ass-Kicker", but Dave and Marty make fun of his costume and how he's copying Dave's costume, causing him to join the Toxic Mega Cunts . Todd plays a large role, albeit unknowingly, in the death of Dave/Kick-Ass's dad after revealing the true nature of Mr. Lizewski , being Kick-Ass's father to Mother-Fucker, which earns him a place as a lieutenant. During the fight at the Toxic Mega Cunts hideout, Todd joins Justice forever in their fight against the Toxic Mega Cunts after he learns Mother-Fucker's plan. He saves Battle Guy from a member of the Toxic Mega Cunts. He's the only character that at one point was on both the hero and villains sides, if only briefly. Todd seems to have regained his status as a hero, despite his role in Mr. Lizewski's death. 



Behind the scenes

  • Evan Peters was unable to reprise his role as Todd Haynes because of scheduling conflicts with "American Horror Story".



Kick-Ass 2

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