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Tony Stark's Mansion was a mansion where Tony Stark lived in Malibu, California. The whole house was wired through J.A.R.V.I.S.. It was destroyed during a helicopter attack initiated by the Mandarin.


Iron Man

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Iron Man 2

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Iron Man 3

Destruction of Stark Mansion.

Sometime after the Chitauri invasion of New York, a haunted Tony Stark became a recluse in his mansion workshop and obsessively began building several Iron Man suits. When Tony made a statement on television to The Mandarin issuing a challenge to confront him in person at his home, The Mandarin's forces responded with lethal action by attacking Stark in his home, destroying the mansion and submerging it into the ocean below.


Living Room

The main room of the house where there have been parties held, as well as fights.

Tony's garage workshop

Tony's Workshop

Tony's workshop was where he kept, designed and made his suits. In addition, he also kept most of his vintage and up-to-date cars there. The whole workshop was wired through J.A.R.V.I.S. and Tony could use his hands to control the whole workshop such as being able to look through old newspapers through the internet and having 3-D scale of the suits he was creating. Stark was able to use the interface to learn about the Mandarin and his attacks, while his whole workshop layout changed significantly.

Tony's Bedroom

Where Tony sleeps, in this room he fought his friend James Rhodes when he was drunk.

Tony's gym


This room is where Tony goes to exercise, the room had weights and in the centre of the gym was a huge wrestling ring where Tony practices his fighting on Happy Hogan. This is where Tony first meets Natasha Romanoff.


Outside of the house is enough space for several cars which serves for parties, in the middle of the front garden, a water fountain is placed.

Behind the scenes

  • The house is not actually a house, every room is a set.


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