• Yow sup wiki community!
  • I just some few questions about a movie its about the Spider verse:
  • 1. What do you guys think will happen in spider verse 2, I know its about romance but who'll be the villains?
  • 2. Will spidergeddon happen?
  • 3. did Gwen liked Miles as he did from beginning or she only started crushing him at the end or neither because she only sees him as a friend, I mean they both stole glances a few in the class Gwen is even the one to first initiate a convo even though she said shes a distance person, they took selfie together, Gwen even knows their gap which means they talked a lot in the bus. In the end Miles did the thumb rub and Gwen reciprocated it. Gwen knows that miles is into her and she seems to have no problem with it and even though miles rip her hair off she was still nice to him on the bus and took selfie together afterwards. Just wanna know what you guys think
  • 4. Will spider verse 2 be successful even though there's pandemic?
  • Im new to these wiki and these questions are just for my curiosity, fanfiction and prediction for the sequel
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