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Please leave a message on my talk page if I can help with anything! -- Doomlurker (Talk) 22:06, 21 August 2012

ElJedi, listen i need your help to prevent WikiMan from changing Idea Wikia. Please think about it, and raly other Users about this. TheCannon is with me on this, evan SirHumanite, Larry1996 and Tiarron too. We can't let that bastard, WikiMan get away with this, he going to delete our articles we,ve created over the years! Spread across different wikias to different users. Please, at least try.


Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me where you got the pic of the Mark 8? The one you just uploaded, thanks a bunch. It looks like it's from a book or something, could you tell me the name?

Alexander514 (talk) 23:43, May 4, 2013 (UTC)

Armor Image Inquiry

Hi! I am also wondering where you got the armor images for the new Iron Man 3 armors. I can't seem to find them anywhere else on the internet. Is it a promotional magazine or something? Please let me know if you can. I would be interested in acquiring a copy of whatever it is! I was disappointed that they didn't go into detail in describing the new armors in the I am very curious as to what they all are. That is the most interesting part to me!


Ianboon (talk) 17:51, May 7, 2013 (UTC)ianboon

Armor Image Missing Picture

I just wanna let you know that the Mark 35-38 armors are missing from the images you uploaded. Would it be alright if you uploaded them so we could have all the armors on the page. Thanks! LOTRfan394 (talk) 22:15, May 25, 2013 (UTC)

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