Valentina de Santis
Appeared in Captain America
Status Deceased
Actor Francesca Neri

Valentina de Santis was the daughter of the Red Skull.


Captain America

Valentina De Santis is the daughter of the Red Skull, and she's his lieutenant in commanding his new criminal empire. When Captain America is retrieved in the ice of Alaska, Valentina is sent to kill him by her father. She rapidly reaches Rogers, in Canada already, with a chopper, and chases him through a forest with a bike, but at the end Cap manages to flee thanks to Sam Kolawetz's help. Tadzio is displeased by his daughter's failure, but gives her another choice.

After seeing that it was Kolawetz who helped Rogers, Valentina decides to have the journalist spied. This proves to be a good idea, since Kolawetz is able to find out who Rogers' old girlfriend was, and where he lived in the 40s. She then leads her father's thugs as they break into Bernice's house: in here, they shoot to death Sam Kolawetz and badly wound Jack Cooperman; in order to retrieve informations about Cap's location, Valentina tortures Bernie, but she doesn't say anything and is consequently killed.

Valentina tries to capture Captain America once again, when he, along with Sharon Cooperman, comes back to Maria Vaselli's secret lab, but they once again fail. She eventually manage to capture Sharon in Porto Venere, and she takes her hostage.

When Captain America arrives in Fortezza Lorenzo for a final fight with the Skull, Sharon frees herself and starts fighting with Valentina. Despite Valentina's superior skills, Sharon manages to take her by surprise, to knock her out and to take her gun. When Val tells the girl to just shoot her, the latter replies that she wants to make her suffer for what she's done to her mother. When the Skull activates a nuclear time bomb, Valentina uses the chance to escape Sharon's grip and to reach Tadzio on the fortress' parapet. After Captain America uses his shield to send her father off a cliff, Valentina prepares to kill Captain America with the Skull's machine gun, but she is hit from behind and decapitated by his returning shield.

Character traits

Valentina is a sadistic and cruel woman, totally devoted to her father's cause. She's got the command on the majority of Red Skull's men, and is in charge of part of his criminal empire. She's quite skilled in both armed and unarmed combat.




  • In the comics, Red Skull's daughter is named Sinthea Schmidt, who goes by the villain name Sin. She has also gone by the aliases of Mother Superior, Sister Sin and even The Red Skull, after her father.


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