Appeared in Thor: The Dark World

Vanaheim is one of the Nine Realms and home of the Vanir. Next to Asgard, it is considered a home of the gods. Vanaheim appears to be densely wooded and its inhabitants not as technologically advanced as its sister race, the Asgardians. It is shown to be a peaceful planet. 



Vanaheim is mentioned by Thor when he explains Yggdrasil and the Nine Realms to Jane.

Thor: The Dark World

Vanaheim was the realm the Asgardians traveled to to win the last battle against the Mauraders. After the Bifrost was restored, the Asgardian forces were sent across the Nine Realms to establish the peace once again. Once the battle on Vanaheim was won, the warriors celebrated with a feast before returning home. Hogun stayed on Vanaheim as that is his home world. 

Vanaheim later participated in the Convergence, where all the Realms lined up once every five thousand years. 

Notable Inhabitants

  • The Vanir - The sister race of the Asgardians, they are the dominate population on the Realm.
    • Hogun the Grim - A member of the Warriors Three and a citizen of Asgard, he is a Vanir.


Thor: The Dark World

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