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"I love you, Wade Wilson. We can fight this!"
―Vanessa Carlysle[src]

Vanessa Geraldine Carlysle is the fiancée of Wade Wilson. She is a former exotic dancer and the propriety of an orphanage from New York City.


Early life

Vanessa had a troubled childhood and was abused. Her uncles "took turns" molesting her. She also slept in a dishwasher box as a child.


Vanessa met Wade at Weasel's bar, where she was a prostitute. They began dating and moved into an apartment together. Wade proposed to her after nearly a year. However, when Wade was diagnosed with cancer, he didn't want to burden her. He went to see The Recruiter for Weapon X that he had met at a bar. In Weapon X, they lied about curing Wade's cancer. He was tortured by Ajax and Christina until his mutation was unlocked. He developed a healing factor but was disfigured, and became known as "Deadpool", the Merc with the Mouth.

Later, Vanessa was abducted by Ajax and Christina, in the alley near the strip club she worked at. She was taken as a hostage to an aircraft carrier, so that Deadpool could be lured there. After Ajax was killed and Christina was defeated, she approached Deadpool and proceeded to punch him multiple times and demanded an explanation. Wade apologized and she proceeds to remove his mask. Though clearly shocked by his new face, she still loved him and they reconcile with a kiss with Wham! playing in the background.

Deadpool 2/Once Upon a Deadpool

Two years later Vanessa has become proprietary of an orphanage and Deadpool has become the most popular hero and vigilante, killing numerous criminals and taking down criminal organizations. One night Wade and Vanessa are celebrate their anniversary where Vanessa reveals that she is pregnant and that they will make a family much to Wade’s joy, however when Vanessa is talking about their child's name a criminal that had escaped Wade attacks the house along with numerous other criminals. Vanessa hides and initially comes out unscathed.

Deadpool traveled in time with Cable's time travel device and stopped Vanessa from being killed. Killing the criminal with a knife and preventing Vanessa’s death and erasing everything that happened following it.

Character traits

Vanessa is kind, feisty, and seductive. She cares much for her fiancé, Wade, and was devastated when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Though obvious that Wade was going to die, she did everything she could to help Wade. After he left for a year, she was clearly hurt, punching Wade multiple times for leaving and calling him "asshole" more than once. However, she is not beyond forgiveness and forgave Wade almost instantly. Though beautiful, she is not vain, as she did not care what Wade looked like with his disfigurement. She is also tough, not afraid of punching Francis, a man who could clearly kill her if he wanted to.



Behind the scenes

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  • Vanessa's murder occured in the separate reality of Earth-41633.
  • In the comics, Carlysle was a mutant named Copycat who possessed the ability to shapeshift and mimic other mutants' powers. This aspect of her background is not depicted in Deadpool nor its sequel, although a deleted line from Deadpool that appeared in the trailers alluded to her past of having played "a lot of roles". Morena Baccarin and writer Rhett Reese have both expressed interest in depicting Vanessa's Copycat incarnation in a future film.[1]
  • In the comics, Carlysle was also a prostitute, but met Wade in Boston and not New York City.
  • In the comics, Carlysle becomes a mercenary working for the arms dealer, Tolliver.



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