Rumors for Venom: Let There Be Carnage.



  • Anti-Venom will appear.
  • Spider-Man will appear.
  • Jonah Jameson will appear.
  • John Jameson will appear.
  • Black Cat will appear.
  • Silver Sable will appear.
  • Michael Morbius will appear.
  • Mania will appear.
  • Shriek will appear.
  • Nightwatch will appear.
  • Jackpot will appear.
  • Jean DeWolffe will appear.[2]
  • She-Venom will return.


  • CONFIRMED: The film will be inspired by the Maximum Carnage storyline.
  • DEBUNKED: The film will either be titled Venom: Maximum Carnage, Venom vs. Carnage, Venom: In the Blood, or simply be titled Carnage. The title was announced as Venom: Let There Be Carnage.
  • Black Cat will debut as an new ally to Venom in the movie, setting up her own film. Spider-Man will also appear as a temporary enemy before teaming up with Venom against Carnage. This will parallel Black Panther and Spider-Man debuting in the MCU in Captain America: Civil War before their impending films there.
  • Venom will be being hunted by another shady organization who wish to utilize the symbiotes, and they will be responsible for Venom's replicating, giving birth to Carnage and Mania.
  • The Scream Symbiote (implied to be the one bonded to the rabbit in the first film) will be revealed to be alive, and a meteorite containing Agony, Lasher, and Scorn will land, finding their respective hosts to become antagonists.
  • Carnage will instead be Venom's brother as opposed to his offspring, and was a favored ally of Riot due to his bloodlust, something even Venom was wary of.
  • Carnage is the main villain. The government creates it from a sample of Venom. I don’t know how Cletus Kasady comes into contact with it, but it is a “mutant” that can multiply to infect other people, and Kasady’s masterplan is to spread it through the world.[2]
  • Kasady has two cronies: His lover/accomplice Frances Barrison, who is infected and becomes a “She-Carnage”; and Malcolm McBride, a scientist involved in Carnage’s creation who Kasady forces to work for him. Naomie Harris is playing Frances. McBride hasn’t been cast yet, but I hear Shea Whigham is circling the role.[2]
  • DeWolfe will pursues Venom after he is framed for Carnage’s crimes.[2]
  • Carnage will kill Dan Lewis.[2]
  • Ann will bond with Venom again for a She-Venom VS. She-Carnage fight. Venom and Carnage will fight several times, final fight will take place at a hospital.[2]
  • Movie will be R. Sony and 20th Century Studios is already planning a third movie that would feature Spider-Man, and wants Tom Holland to cameo in this to set it up.[2]


  • CONFIRMED: Andy Serkis, Travis Knight or Rupert Wyatt are considered to direct the sequel.[3][4] Andy Serkis was selected.
  • CONFIRMED:The film will get an R rating.[5]


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