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"On my world, I'm pretty much a loser. Kind of like you, Eddie. But here on Earth, together, perhaps we could be something more."

Venom is a black alien symbiote from the planet Klyntar, which needs a living body as a host to survive. Its host is Eddie Brock.



Venom was one of four alien Symbiotes travelling on a comet as an advance scout party, looking for worlds to conquer. They were found by a spacecraft belonging to the Life Foundation and taken to Earth. The Riot Symbiote managed to escape, but Venom and the other two were subjected to extensive testing by Carlton Drake to discover their abilities.

Six months later, Eddie Brock broke into the Life Foundation to find evidence of Drake's unethical experiments. Venom was bonded with Maria and used the situation to escape, bonding with Eddie. Eddie escaped, taking Venom with him. Venom introduced himself to his new host, and enticed Eddie with the power to change things. However, the side-effects of bonding with Venom led Eddie to seek treatment from Dr. Dan Lewis, the new partner of his former fiancée Anne Weying. Determining that sound hurts Venom, they managed to unbond Venom who went and bonded with Gemini, the Papillion of Mrs. Manfredi. Eddie was kidnapped by the Life Foundation who believed he was still bound to the symbiote.

In order to rescue Eddie, the Venom Symbiote bonded with Anne. They attacked the Life Foundation, killing Roland Treece as he was about to execute Eddie. The symbiote was transferred back to Eddie when Anne kissed him.

Rebonded, Venom and Eddie took on Carlton Drake and Riot, now bonded with the goal of bringing more of their kind to Earth. Venom, having realized that he wanted to form a symbiotic bond with Eddie rather than killing him and humanity, turned against his own kind. Together, Venom and Eddie managed to defeat Drake and Riot by trapping them in an exploding spacecraft. The Venom Symbiote seemingly sacrificed himself to allow Eddie to survive the explosion. However, it had survived and, bonded with Eddie, worked to punish the criminals in San Francisco.

Venom: Let There Be Carnage[]

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Spider-Man: No Way Home[]

"Now, tell me again about your purple alien that loves stones. 'Cause I'll tell you what, man, aliens, they do not love stones."
"Eddie, don't start."
"No, they do not love stones. Do you know what aliens love? Eating brains!
Eddie Brock and Venom[src]

Having been transported to an alternate universe by Stephen Strange's spell, Venom and Eddie sit in a Mexican bar where an inebriated Eddie goes over the events of that world such as Tony Stark being Iron Man, the existence of the Hulk, and Thanos and the Infinity Stones. Eddie expresses doubt over the bartender's stories, but the man just replies that Thanos made his family disappear for five years. Eddie suggests that he should go to New York and find Peter Parker while Venom wants to go skinny dipping. However, Venom is pulled back to its own universe along with Eddie moments later.

Unnoticed by Venom, Eddie, or the bartender, Eddie left behind a small piece of Venom on the bar which starts to move on its own, suggesting that Venom and Eddie inadvertently spawned a new symbiote that got left behind.

Character traits[]

Venom is a sadistic, almost borderline sociopathic entity whose only concern is keeping itself and its host alive. It does, however, change and comes to like both Eddie and Anne. He also attempts to get them back together when Anne is bonded to it and influences her to kiss Eddie. Later, Venom is asking Eddie about the differences between bad guys and good guys so he doesn't hurt any innocent people. Venom doesn't like being called a "parasite".

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Symbiote Physiology: As a symbiote, Venom is able to bond with virtually any life-form, can emulate it's host and even amplify their physical attributes. The symbiote doesn't need to mate either, as it can reproduce asexually.
    • Super Strength: Venom, while much stronger than humans, is not as powerful as Riot or Carnage. He could just about hold his own against Riot but was overpowered frequently. Venom is also able to hold his own against Carnage for a prolonged period of time, even after Carnage "powers-up" from eating a priest as well but was ultimately overpowered. Venom's strength is sufficient enough to crush cars with minimal effort. With his Strength, Venom is also able to make giant leaps, able to jump hundreds of feet through and into the air under ideal circumstances.
    • Invulnerability: Venom is largely immune to most common types of guns and blades as he was able to endure being attacked by a SWAT team with a consistent barrage of automatic weapon fire and flash bangs to stun him and was able to power through it with minimal effort. Beings with similar or greater power such as Riot or Carnage however, are able to hurt Venom and cause pain. In cases of fighting beings such as this Venom's Healing Factor will largely negate the damage but prolonged usage of his Healing Factor will cause Venom to become tired and will cause him to lose it's invulnerability.
    • Super Speed: Venom can move faster than humans. His speed doesn't appear to match that of high speed vehicles as Eddie relies on motorcycles for getaways. Despite that, Venom's speed is quite fast, able to propel itself and Eddie across the Hudson River quickly in a matter of seconds as well as able to scale large skyscrapers in seconds as well
    • Super Stamina: Venom has shown to have largely inexhaustible stamina under normal circumstances. Being able to take extraordinary amount of damage from blades, guns and beings such as Riot and Carnage and showing no signs of slowing down or letting up his assaults. However Venom's healing factor does seem to take a lot out of the symbiote, as Carnage was able to wear down Venom by forcing the symbiote to heal numerous times during their battle.
    • Super Agility: To be added
    • Super Reflexes: To be added
    • Super Senses: While possessing a host, Venom demonstrates having superb awareness of its surrounding, notably to sense nearby threats before its host could. This was seen when Venom attempted to warn Brock about mercenaries outside his apartment door or when it uses its tentacles to attack opponents that its host was not aware of.
    • Possession: Venom is proven to be able to transfer itself from host to host upon physical contact with them, passing into their flesh as if intangible and taking full control of their bodies. With conscious effort, Venom is able to amplify their physical attributes to superhuman levels, allowing them to overpower other normal humans relatively easily and heal from severe injuries such as broken bones and damaged tissue in seconds. While it is capable of seemingly suppressing a host's mind and use their bodies as if it were it's own, it is able to almost meld minds with them, reading it's host's thoughts, feelings, and memories, as well as communicate to them in the form of auditory and sometimes visual hallucinations, causing a host to hear the symbiote speaking in their minds or cause the host to see images of the symbiote's full-body, as Eddie saw his reflection as being that of Venom's. With their body and minds united in this manner, both the symbiote and it's host can work and think collectively while sharing the same body. The abilities that Venom can grant Brock is limited by their compatibility, as Symbiotes required compatible hosts to achieve a proper bond with them. Additionally, despite finding Brock to be an ideal match, Venom still has a degree of toxicity to Brock's body, as its hunger for organic matter leads it to subsist partially on his organs and cause Brock's metabolism to rise tremendously, resulting in his host developing a voracious appetite. In order to combat this, while manifesting its own body over Brock's, Venom is prone to eat other living creatures, having a particular craving for heads and brain tissue, in order to be less harmful towards its host's body.
    • Shapeshifting: Venom can generate portions of itself out of Brock's body to form various constructs, including tendrils and other appendages, shields capable of catching bullets, and a parachute. While bonded to a host, Venom's mass can be increased, allow it's biological constructs to be much larger than its basic form or its host, including the ability to form a full body over that of the host. Its the ability to manifest these constructs is fueled by how compatible it is with the host. Venom's preferred shapeshifting weapon/tool is tendrils, being able to attacking enemies and even pushing a car out of Brock's path, while it can also be useful as a form of transportation, with the tendrils being used to grapple Brock though the air towards something. Following his altercation with Brock, Venom was able to drive off on the back of a motorist and formed his hand, giving Eddie the finger as he left.
      • Body Manifestation: Venom can fully emerge from Brock while remaining attached to him, enveloping it's host's body to form its own, complete with eyes, claws and extendable, fanged mouth with a long, prehensile tongue. It uses its razor-sharp teeth and powerful jaws to tear through flesh and bone, allowing it to eat off entire body parts from its victims. Venom's full-body emulates that of its human host, resulting in it having a humanoid appearance despite it's more monstrous traits. In this form, Venom's physical superhuman attributes are at there peak, amplifying his strength, durability, speed, agility, and reflexes even far beyond that of normal humans' capacity.
    • Accelerated Healing Factor: In addition to being able to repair its host's body from even the most severe damage, Venom itself is able to regenerate its own mass should it be damaged and destroyed, should there be any portion of itself still intact. This notably allowed it to ultimately survive an explosion despite having much of its body burned away and rendered any damage dealt with it and its host, Eddie, by Rio as merely superficial. This healing factor extends to its host as well as after a motorcycle crash, Venom healing factor is powerful enough to completely heal the horribly broken Eddie Brock within seconds. Venom is also strong enough to bring back the very recently deceased as well as Venom is able to heal and revive the recently killed Eddie during their final battle with Riot. However his Healing Factor, while powerful does have a limit if he heals from to much in a short period of time. In cases where Venom's healing factor is being overwhelmed it's healing will slow greatly. The only being to have ever overpowered Venom's healing factor is Carnage.
    • Wall-Crawling: Venom's base form is amorphous and fluid, giving it adhesive properties that allow it to stick to walls and ceilings. While bonded to a host, it can project its gelatinous mass in the form of appendages to allow its host to stick to surfaces as well, notable when it stuck Eddie to a wall using its tendrils to pull him against it.
    • Symbiote Absorption: Venom ate and absorbed Carnage.
    • Multiversal Hive Mind Knowledge: According to Venom, it has "80 billion light years of hive knowledge across universes" which results in it knowing about Peter Parker being Spider-Man.


  • Sonic Vibrations: Extremely loud noise in the range of 4000-6000Hz and intense sonic vibrations severely injure Venom, so much so that elongated exposure can "un-bond" the Symbiote from the Host. By the time Venom comes to battle Carnage, it seems to have developed a degree of resistance to sound as Venom was able to recover before Carnage every time the church bell rang.
  • Intense Heat: Venom is vulnerable to intense levels of heat and flames.
  • Hunger: Due to hunger, he needs to eat enough to support himself to retain his metabolism to be physical activity.
  • Lack of a Host: Venom and its kind can only survive outside of a host in an oxygen-rich environment for relatively short periods of time.



Behind the scenes[]

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  • In the comics, Venom has a spider logo on its chest because the first person it bonded with was Spider-Man. In the film, Venom doesn't bond with Spider-Man so there is no spider logo on his chest.



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