Venom Symbiote
Appeared in Spider-Man 3
Status Deceased

The Venom Symbiote was an antagonistic amorphous creature from an unknown planet which needs a living body as a host to survive.



The symbiote first bonded with Spider-Man, changing its form to resemble his traditional superhero outfit. The alien enhanced his abilities to the point of perfection. However, the symbiote also amplified Peter's aggression, vanity, spite and frustration. On realizing the effect it had on him, Peter proceeded to a church tower, where he discovered that the creature was weakened by the loud noise of the bell. The symbiote became weak enough for Peter to physically tear it off his body.

Eddie Brock

After Spider-Man removed the suit, it immediately bonded with Eddie Brock, who was by a stroke of luck in the same church building. It is believed that the symbiote sensed and related to Eddie's feeling of anger and hate towards Peter, and they together became Venom, a fearsome creature with powers matchable to Spider-Man's. Venom would form an alliance with the Sandman, and mortally wound Harry Osborn with his glider. Spider-Man was able to separate the two using the science of sonic noises, remembering its weakness to loud noises. As Peter threw a pumpkin bomb at the alien, Eddie leaped into it once more, and they were both vaporized by explosion.



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