Victor Borkowski
Alias(es) Anole
Appeared in X-Men: The Last Stand
Status Alive
Actor Lloyd Adams

Victor Borkowski is a lizard-like mutant member of the Omegas.


X-Men: The Last Stand

During the mutants' community meeting, Anole is one of the mutants listening to the speaker and then to Magneto. He's convinced by the Master of Magnetism's words and joins his Brotherhood of Mutants. During the battle of Alcatraz Island, Anole is one of the first mutants to attack Worthington's facility, and, while climbing a guard tower, he's shot down with a cure dart and devolves back into a regular human.

Character traits

Since his mutation regards mostly his appearance, Anole is an outsider in human society, and this has led him to feel an empathy with Magneto's philosophy and to join him in his crusade against humanity.

Powers and abilities

Anole is a mutant with a reptilian mutation, which gives him a green scaled skin and allows him to cling to walls. He's got superhuman agility and strength, as seen during Alcatraz battle.



Behind the scenes

  • Many fans believed him to be Toad due to his appearance, but Brett Ratner confirmed him to be Anole.
  • Despite being confirmed as Anole, he is credited as "Lizard Man" in the film. Since there has been no claim suggesting this was a typo, it can be assumed that the film version of Anole uses the codename Lizard Man instead.


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